How to Add Text Bubble Shapes to Video

Subtitles’ disadvantage is that if the sound is turned off you never know who is actually speaking. They are bland and emotionless. Text bubbles, on the other hand, contain all the needed information and are explicitly assigned to the speakers.

This element is traditionally used in comic books, but it’s not the only possible option. Your video project, slideshow, or photo will become much more expressive and informative with captions bubbles. And we know how to make them without investing in costly and complicated software.

Clideo’s ultimate Video Editor is not just a simple text bubble maker. This tool allows you to bring together all the separate pieces of your future project, edit them, furnish them with stickers and decorative elements, add an audio track, a voiceover, and, among other details, speech and comment bubbles.

How to add speech bubbles to a photo

  1. Upload the initial video

    Open the Video Editor in any browser, as the tool works online. Hit the "Get started" button and open the editing pane.

    Video editor to add talking bubble shape

    Then, you can upload videos from one or several following locations:

    • Local device;
    • Cloud storage account;
    • Inbuilt video stock library.

    You can also record the video right in the tools by clicking the "Record" tab.

    Add video to add talking bubble shape
  2. Add speech bubbles

    Before adding the bubbles, open the "Canvas" tab and set up the project’s aspect ratio and background color, if needed.

    Change canvas before adding talking bubble shape

    You can also add more assets, rearrange them as required, edit them separately by clicking each file on the timeline, add photos, freeze a frame of the recording, etc.

    Edit video before adding talking bubble

    When this part is over, go to "Elements" and select the speech bubbles you need in the "Shapes" section. Click "See all" to view all the available shapes.

    Add talking bubble shape

    Arrange them in the editing canvas, place them next to the talking people/cats/other creatures, resize, recolor and mirror them as needed.

    Edit talking bubble shape

    Then open the "Text" tab, pick up a caption preset, and place it inside the bubble on the editing canvas, rotate and resize the text.

    Add text over talking bubble shape

    Don’t forget to set up the font, alignment, opacity level, and other characteristics for the text so that it fits the bubble perfectly. You should repeat these actions for each bubble separately and match the duration of both on the timeline using the yellow handles of both elements.

    Edit text over talking bubble shape
  3. Save the project

    When you are done, click the "Export" button at the top right, choose the output resolution, and hit "Continue".

    Select output quality for video with talking bubble

    When the project is processed, give it the final run and either save it to the chosen location or return to the editing screen.

    Save video video with talking bubble

If you are interested in all video editor options and features, you can find more details in our Help Center.