How to add voiceover to a video

Voiceovers are an intrinsic part of every educational, promotional, or entertaining video. In tandem with captions, this feature makes a recording accessible for all categories of viewers in any circumstances.

There are several ways of making a soundtrack for your project. First of all, you can just add some background music. This way, all you need is your own audio file you want to use, or you can find a track in stock audio libraries.

Additionally, you can record your voice, or create an AI voiceover using a TTS (text-to-speech) technology.

Great news: Clideo’s ultimate video editor is suitable for all three options!

Follow this three-step instruction on how to do a voiceover.

  1. Upload or create a video

    Open the all-in-one Video Editor in a browser and hit the "Get started" button.

    Video editor to add voiceover to video

    Click the "plus" icon at the top left to upload a recording from your device or select a cloud storage button in the "Media" tab to import a file from any of the available storage. Alternatively, pick up a file from the inbuilt stock library or record a visual right in the tool.

    Add files to add voiceover to video

    If you decide to use background music as a soundtrack, you can add the audio file now the same way and skip the second step.

  2. Add voice to the video

    Record your own audio

    If you would like to use your own voice in your video, you can record it right in the same tool.

    Hit the "Record" icon in the sidebar, select the "Audio” tile.

    Voice over video

    Then press the big circle to start recording. The recording will start after the 3-second countdown.

    Record voice over

    After you are done, hit the circle again to stop recording.

    Stop voice over

    Listen to your track and if it is fine, add the track to the timeline.

    Add voice over to project

    Finally, adjust it to the video: place it in the timeline where it should be and cut it if needed. You can also add fade-in and fade-out effects and apply noise reduction.

    Edit voice over

    Convert text to speech

    If you would like to use an AI voiceover you can use the built-in text-to-speech technology.

    Open the "TTS" tab, and set up the language (by default it’s English), the speaker, and the manner of speaking, if applicable. Each speaker has their own set of intonations. Enter the text up to 500 characters long and hit "Generate".

    Add ai voiceover

    You can create as many TTS chunks as you need, and edit them like any other audio file. Just select the segment you need to change, fix the text or voice settings, and click "Save".

    Edit ai voiceover
  3. Save the project

    When you are fully done, give your project the final run to make sure you like what you get. Then hit the "Export" button at the top right and select the output resolution. The available options depend on your subscription type. Hit "Continue" to combine everything into an MP4 file.

    Select quality for video with voiceover

    When the project is processed, save it to your local or cloud storage or return to the editing page.

    Save video with voiceover

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