How to add arrows to a picture

Depending on the type of video, you might need completely different editing features. As such, in videos aimed at a certain emotional reaction, color correction is important; in humorous compilations, the rhythm and speed of transitions are important to capture and hold the attention of viewers, etc. And in videos where it is necessary to focus on key points or details, adding visual indicators, such as arrow overlays, is quite useful.

Overall, pointer arrows are an effective tool for improving the visual presentation of information in videos. They help make it more understandable and attractive to viewers and therefore are often used in a variety of genres. But the question remains – how to add such arrows to screenshots or videos?

If you also ask yourself this question, our video editor will help you find the answer! This is an online tool where you can not only insert directional arrows but also make changes to other visual and audio aspects of your video. Moreover, the process is straightforward.

  1. Add a video

    Open Clideo’s Online Video Editor and click "Get started".

    Video editor to insert arrow

    Click "+" to add the video and other media files you need from your device, or choose a cloud storage account if they are there.

    Add video to insert arrow

    To find various arrows for video editing, open the "Elements tab". For the static ones, look through the "Shapes" section; and if you need animated or moving arrows, search for using the related keywords in the "Stickers" section.

    Insert arrow

    All shapes or stickers can be seen when you click "See all".

    Select arrow to insert
  2. Add arrows

    Arrange every file on the timeline in the order you need. Then, if you want to draw attention to something on a specific frame of the video, you might want to make an image out of this frame. To do so, find the right moment in the video and click the "Freeze frame" icon at the top left of the timeline.

    Freeze frame to insert arrow

    An image with the frame will appear at the point where the playhead is placed, splitting the video. To adjust for how long it will be displayed, select the image and drag yellow sidebars to make it shorter or longer.

    After that, select the arrow and drag it in the player to place it whenever you need; you can also flip and rotate it in the options tab on the right.

    Flip rotate arrow overlay

    If it’s the static arrow, there you can also change its color, adjust its opacity and direction of the gradient if you apply one.

    Change color for arrow overlay

    To add some text explanation, click any preset from the "Text" tab, write everything you need, then customize the font, color, size, etc., and place it near the arrow.

    Add text to video with arrow overlay

    To adjust the settings of other files, select any of them on the timeline or in the player, and the options tab will appear. Settings for videos and images include cropping and rotating options, changing hue, speed, etc., whereas for audio you can change the volume level, apply the fade-in and fade-out effects or reduce background noise.

    Adjust video with arrow overlay

    After you finish editing, click "Export" at the top right and choose your preferred option.

    Select quality for video with arrow overlay
  3. Save the result

    When the video is processed, you can watch the preview again to see how it looks after editing. If you like it, click "Download" to save the video back to your device or cloud storage.

    Save video video with arrow overlay

If you would like to learn more about our all-in-one video editor options and features, you can find more information in our Help Center.