Guides on video, photo and audio editing

IGTV Video Dimensions
IGTV, or Instagram TV, is a YouTube-like platform where people can post long-form videos.
How to Reduce Video File Size on iPhone
Learn how to compress the video and send it via different messengers or post them on social networks directly from our app!
What is Parallel Editing: Definition and Examples
Remember those moments when you are watching a movie with your heart almost racing? There are special editing techniques that intensify these feelings within us.
Online iMovie Alternative for Windows
Read our short manual to get to know how to edit, enhance and alter videos without iMovie and other apps.
How to Share a video for YouTube on Snapchat
Videos are engaging many followers and attention. These days you can find them in almost any social media, including Snapchat.
How to Convert SoundCloud to MP4
SoundCloud is the largest music library. Many people would like to add songs they find there to their videos, but how to do that?
How to Send Large Video on WhatsApp
WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers these days but the platform has bad news for you — the maximum file size is only 16 MB! What to do if your video is larger?
How to Upload an Audio File to YouTube
YouTube accepts only visual clips, but what if you want to upload an audio track and enjoy the music? There is a fast and easy way!
Aspect Ratio vs Resolution
Aspect ratio and resolution are very often misused by many people — let's take a look at what's the difference between them and how to change your file's aspect ratio or resolution.
How to Combine Voice Memos Online
You can record speeches, interviews, meetings, calls, and great ideas of your own using voice memos. But what if you later need to merge them into one?
Aspect Ratio Definition and Types
These days every active social media user should know many technical details — formats, sizes, effects, and many more. An aspect ratio is also fundamental knowledge.
What Does DPI Stand for and How to Change it
Low resolution of an image is not a fate – you can increase it just in a couple of clicks!
How to Slow Down a Video for TikTok Online
Slow-motion clips are very successful in TikTok. It's a great way to create a comic effect or to focus the viewer's attention on a particular moment.
Videoing Tips to Make Your Videos Look Professional
You don’t have to hire a team of filmmakers and buy professional equipment to create a catchy and cinematographic-like video. Just learn the following tips.
How to Make Compilation Videos on YouTube Online
Video compilations are becoming very popular these days. And it is no longer a problem to create your own one with the help of just one online tool.
What is a Codec
Codec is an indispensable thing that we use every day and don't even realize it! Let's find out what codecs are, what they are used for, and what they affect.
Instagram Video Length Limit: Stories, Reels, IGTV, Feed
We face various rules, requirements, and limitations, especially when online. But limits are fine provided they are for a reason and made clear.
Separate Audio from Video Online
Do you have a video recording with a super soundtrack and want to save its audial part separately? Easy-peasy!
How to Reverse a Video for Snapchat
Snapchat is an entertaining way to share your own thoughts and emotions with everyone. By adding a flair, like reversing, you will no doubt create the most fascinating clip to watch.
How to Change Aspect Ratio of Video or Image
Want to understand what is aspect ratio and how to change it for your image or video? Read on and find out!
How to Make a GIF from a Video
Whoever came up with GIFs should go to heaven without a line. Themed animated pictures will give any content a new life.
When is Golden Hour and What is It
What is the miraculous Golden Hour and when is it? How can it improve your recording quality and what are its features? Our article answers those and other questions!
Best Video Format for Instagram
Learn what formats Instagram support, what's the best one for your needs, and convert your video online.
How to Upload Videos Faster
To increase the speed of uploading, you can compress your video file. It's easier than it sounds with our tool...