Guides on video, photo and audio editing

Twilight Photography Tips
Learn what is Blue Hour and how to shoot better at dusk with our useful tips.
What is Exposure in Photography
To take good pictures consistently and not by chance, it is important to know about exposure.
Tips on Flat Lay Photography
Learn what flat lay photos are, when they are used and how to shoot them the best way.
What is Eye Level Shot with Examples
Filmmakers use various implicit ways to attract our attention. Camera angles or shot levels is just one of them.
How to Add Music to a Slideshow Online
Arrange the important events of your life into one fascinating film made of photos, videos and audio.
How to Add Music to a Video on iPhone
Meet our new great iPhone app for adding audio to video!
Tripod Meaning and Types
A tripod is a must-have gear not only for professional shooting, but also for amateur photographers and videographers.
How to Convert Video to Grayscale
Filters have changed the art of photo- and videography: with their help, you can add needed hues in a blink of an eye.
Prime vs Zoom Lens: Comparison
Let's learn what prime and zoom lenses are, what their main advantages are, and which one you should use.
What is Shutter Shock and How to Prevent it
The higher the resolution of the photos we take, the greater is the frustration when we see blurred images.
How to Turn a Video into a GIF
Converting videos into GIFs is way easier than you can possibly imagine! Try it online!
How to Overlay Audio on Video Online
Create a stunning video clip using your shooting and a favorite song.
What is a Point-of-View or POV Shot
Find out about the very interesting technique that helps to make viewers feel the emotions of a movie character.
How to Add Music to a Picture Online
Learn to merge a photo with your favorite song or a voice memo using any device and our tool.
Lux vs Lumen: Comparison
We all know that lighting is essential for a good shot. When you decide to learn more about it, you might encounter such terms as lumen and lux.
How to Rotate a Video on PC Online
Sometimes we take videos sideways, if it happened to you and you want to fix it, take a look at this article!
What is Zoom Lens in Photography
We all know what is the zoom function, but what are zoom lenses? How do they work and what types of such lenses exist?
Custom Meme Maker
The best memes are the personalized and unique ones, made on the base of your own photo.
How to Crop MP4 Online
Learn how to crop MP4 or a video of any other format in three simple steps.
Mirrorless Сamera vs DSLR
Struggle with the dilemma of choosing between a mirrorless and a DSLR camera? Let's see what is the difference.
What is Instagram Aspect Ratio
All the social media have a special list of requirements for posts, and Instagram is no exception!
What is Crop Factor in Simple Words
Crop factor is one of many important terms in photography — but don't worry, we'll explain it in simple words!
How to Mirror a Video for YouTube
In this article, we'll tell you how to mirror or flip a video for YouTube with the help of our service.
What is 600 DPI and How to Convert Your Image
Learn what 600 DPI means and how to turn your image to 600 DPI instantly online.