How to create video from photos and vacation videos

Taking endless pictures and recording every moment of your trip is one of the most common guilty pleasures. Then create an artistic travel slideshow with music to keep those memories for your dearest ones, including yourself.

Now it's time to assemble all those miscellaneous crumbs into one piece. Maybe you’ll discover a real passion for it and start posting travelogue videos professionally!

Before starting, select your best travel images and clips, find a good song for a vacation video and save all the files to the same folder: this way, it will be easier to add them to the editing tool. You may also feel like googling for some travel video tips, but here we will not overload you with such information. Let's go straight to the technical details.

  1. Add all the elements to the tool

    Open the Clideo's Video Editor in any browser, click the "Get started" button.

    Open editor to make travel video

    Then upload all the files you need from your device, Google Drive, or Dropbox (that's why you need them all in one place).

    Upload files to create travel video
  2. Keep video editing

    Then add the files to the timeline (just drag and drop). Arrange them as you need: after each other or on different lines. You can resize right in the player by dragging the image's corner. Thus you can achieve interesting effects, such as picture-in-picture, side-by-side video, etc.

    Files to make travel video

    If you want to edit a file, select it to make it active and see the options you can change above the timeline. Check each tab and find out what you can do with each visual or audio.

    Add files to create travel video

    A tip! You can insert a photo into a video. Just place a white playhead in the chosen place of a video you want to split and hit, yes, the "Split" icon at the top left of the timeline. Now, as you have two files instead of one, drag them apart and insert a photo between them!

    Add image to travel video

    Now, the finishing touches: go to the "Text" section and add some captions. Choose a light font, which looks homely and cozy.

    Add text to travel video

    When everything looks fine, give your video a run in the player to check if you are happy with the result. If so, hit "Export" and choose the resolution. The ones with a little crown are available only for Clideo Pro accounts. Then click "Continue" and let the tool do its job.

    Export travel video
  3. Save the result

    When the project is fully processed, save it or hit "Edit" and keep working.

    Save travel video

You can find more details about online video editor and other Clideo tools in our Help Center.