Flying selfie cam boom is coming?

But technology is developing, and human needs are growing accordingly. And so, when a selfie stick was not enough to take a photo of one big group of people, a pretentious thought crept into the engineer's bright head: "If the camera flew, the pictures would have turned out much better!"

The first drone that takes selfies was invented by Australian inventor Simon Kantor in 2016. His idea instantly spread across the planet. Now this invention is experiencing a second boom in popularity, and not without reason.

Pocket camera drone

Why do you need a selfie drone

Nowadays, a pocket drone with a camera has become an indispensable assistant not only for amateur photography but also for blogging activities, as well as professional video and photo reports where a reliable automatic aerial operator is needed.

Pocket-sized devices open up a whole new world of selfie possibilities. Portable and handy, they are equipped with many useful features that make taking drone selfie photos and videos easier. Selfie drones have significant advantages over conventional cameras and selfie sticks, and they can be used in different scenarios, such as:

  • Taking selfies when the user is on the road or spending time with friends or family.
  • Events such as birthdays, family gatherings, holidays, parties, and picnics. Hover selfie cameras can be a great way to capture important moments and share them on social media.
  • Mini foldable selfie drones are also very helpful for travelers and campers, as well as outdoor enthusiasts, as it's easier for them to capture themselves in action or take a unique shot with a breathtaking view.
  • Filming on the go. This is especially true for bloggers reporting from the streets – there is not always a friend nearby who is ready to shoot you from different angles against the backdrop of the city, and shooting with a selfie stick may seem boring and monotonous to the viewer.
Selfie drone camera

The list can go on and on, after all, selfie drones can be used in just about any situation where there's enough room for maneuver! Plus, operating them is simple and intuitive. Most selfie drones do not come with remote control and are powered by an app on a smartphone running iOS or Android. Navigation takes place through the GPS.

Selfie drone features

If you consider getting a selfie drone, there are already plenty to choose from now. So we can safely say that a selfie drone should be evaluated according to the following features:

  • First and foremost is the camera. In order to capture high-quality photos and videos, the drone needs an ultra-sensitive 4K camera. A drone with such a camera will capture clear footage the first time, which will save time and battery life.
  • Most modern models have electronic image stabilization, which improves the quality of pictures and video produced, but it may not always work perfectly, so in most cases, it's better to get motorized stabilization if possible, especially if you plan to shoot videos.
  • Size and weight. Many drones can be easily packed and carried in the bag, especially if it's a foldable model.
  • Battery. Battery life is an important criterion because it may happen that there is simply not enough charge to implement your idea. To date, the average operating time of a selfie drone is 7-10 minutes.

Not to mention the appearance – drones simply look more interesting than ordinary selfie sticks! You can get yourself a mini plane, a cool sci-fi-looking drone or, on the contrary, a very simplistic one.

Pocket drone with camera

As you can tell, selfie drones are multifunctional. Precise positioning, face detection, intelligent flight modes, auto-return and obstacle avoidance functions, and many other features are available to the user. However, they are not present in every model, so if you want to get the best selfie drone for you, read the list of features to see if the model has every function you need.


Selfie drones used to be unusual and expensive gadgets. Now they are much more affordable, as there are positions on the market with different properties and prices. Technologies are improving, which means that new models with extended functionality and more powerful optics will arrive.

Therefore, drones can be called the future of selfies. Of course, you can take beautiful photos using selfie sticks, but drones give more freedom so that you can take photos or videos of almost anything from interesting angles. And with the help of post-processing, you can correct shortcomings in lighting, if any, or simply improve the image.