Why do you need an outro for video

What is an outro? This is the final part of the video, the closing frame or snippet.

An outro may include a brand’s logo, credits, CTA (call to action), contacts, useful links, and related videos. More importantly, all the outros by the same vlogger or a company should be arranged in the same or very similar way, with the same soundtrack, video length, and color scheme.

Elaborated, artistic, and informative outros make your videos consistent and increase your brand awareness.

Brand language for video outro

Outro ideas and tips

  1. YouTube outro usually has links to related videos and a subscription link. On other platforms, it may include other elements specific to that site.
  2. Give your viewers time to read an outro screen carefully and, if they want, follow the provided links.
  3. That leads us to the question: how long should an outro be? The ideal length is from 5 to 20 seconds. If an outro is too short, it will not provide any helpful information. If it’s too long, viewers may get bored and not see it out.
  4. Place your outro wisely. If it is at the very end, the chances are high that nobody will watch it. Place it a little bit earlier, and put a small bonus after it – a joke, a professional tip, bloopers. Or a cat.
Video outro with a cat

How to make an outro

You don’t need to be a professional film director or pay an agency to make an outro. After all, you have to design it only once, and then you’ll be able to use this snippet for all your videos, just changing the links.

First of all, don’t forget to write a script to make your outro look professional. Then, choose the proper audio, video, or images. And at last, assemble all the elements in the proper tool. For example, you can use a free online video editor to create a simple yet impressive finishing touch.

Be flexible, try different patterns, and check what works best for you and your channel.