What works best: short-form or long-form content

In a word, they work differently. Each format fits its aims: for example, so-called snackable videos are great for relaxing and entertaining but are unlikely to be helpful or informative.

Long videos

There is no exact definition for long content. Everything depends on the viewer's perception. An imaginary watershed is 10 minutes, but it's pretty relative: some netizens get bored even after 5 minutes of watching, while others consider 30-minute-long TED talks short.

Long-form content example TEDx

Anyway, the term "long video" doesn't imply a full-length film anymore: even a 15-minute recording may be in this category.

This type of video is suitable for educational purposes. It may also be used for onboarding and giving detailed instructions. As for advertising, it may not be the best idea, as promotion clips should be short, exact, and persuasive.

Short-form videos

Short videos rule the world, but even they are not almighty. Such clips may vary from several seconds to several minutes, usually no longer, and they rarely include any valuable information as their main aim is to kill time.

Short-fom content example

What type of video to choose

It depends on several factors:

  • Content for video: As we have already said, content is a key factor. Keep your funny clips short, but educational videos should be more lengthy.
  • Platforms: Some social media have video length limits, for example, Instagram or TikTok. Another example of a short-form video platform is LinkedIn. Other sites, such as YouTube or Facebook, allow posting longer recordings. Your corporate site is best if you want to share long videos. Here you'll hit the target audience directly, and only you decide on the video length and other specs.
  • Budget: Last but not least. To shoot long videos, you'll need a studio, staff, professional equipment, and costly software for post-production editing. You may record short clips even on your mobile phone, and you can use free online video editing services for editing.

To sum up, we can affirm that every video type can be handy and commercially profitable. Try out various options and make your choice!