Video promotion tips for beginners

Video for business promotion takes time and effort, but it’s definitely worth it, as ROI (return on investment) may soar drastically.

First and foremost, share your videos online to get noticed. But that obvious step is not enough, unless your clip goes viral (which is not likely, to be honest).

Check our tips on how to market your video for free or with low costs and get popular in no time!

Video promotion tips

Don’t hesitate to ask

There is no shame in asking to share your post. All the vloggers do it without any doubt.

You may also send your video or link to it via email, share it on specialized forums, and place a QR code to your recording wherever you can. Modesty will not lead you to success!

And of course don’t forget to embed buttons to enable your viewers to share your video. Let them lead not only to the most popular social media, such as Facebook or Twitter but even niche ones, such as Medium.

Optimize your video

Most likely nowadays your clip will be watched on a smartphone somewhere in a cramped and noisy bus rather than on a big screen along with having a glass of chilled wine. Make sure your video adheres to such circumstances. You can also add subtitles to your video for it to be accessible to everyone.

Video promotion optimization

Mind thumbnails

Have you ever heard the saying “never judge a book by its cover”? Forget it. Choosing among thousands of videos, your potential viewers will consciously or unconsciously pay attention to thumbnails.

Check what your video’s “cover” looks like: is it attractive? Which emotions does it evolve? Does it transmit any message? Is it better than others?

Don’t forget about SEO

SEO — Search Engines Optimization — is an important step to make your video spread all over the Internet. If your project is SEO-friendly, it will be shown in Google results for any relevant search. Just remember to use the right keywords in the description and title of your video.

The best way to tackle this issue professionally is to hire an experienced SEO specialist, as this subject might be quite complicated for amateurs.

SEO for video promotion

Invest in advertising

Be savvy in your choices: evaluate your audience and select the proper internet platforms. There is no need to promote, let’s say, luxury watches on TikTok, as this social medium is mostly popular with teenagers and young adults, who are not after material assets.

It’s just a very short promotion checklist, you can apply the tips you like and ignore the others. But remember: no promotion will help if your video is just boring or of a low quality. You don’t need to buy costly software to edit your recording, change its color scheme, cut or crop the footage. You may well use free online video editing tools.