How to make jump-cut videos

A cut is a frame transition. Jump Cut is an effect when the frame "jumps" in time: The characters and composition remain the same, but their postures differ a little bit as if some time has passed. Another usage of this effect is in video cooking recipes: the directors omit the whole process of cutting or peeling the vegetables. They just show you raw products first, and the next moment you see them cut and peeled.

This method is used in films, vlogs, and music clips to create suspense or tension, but it also may act as a comic or magic effect.

What is a Jump Cut in video editing? In fact, it's a very simple technique, especially if you have a handy (and free!) tool.

  1. Upload a video

    Open Clideo’s Video Editor in any browser. Make sure your internet connection is stable and fast enough, as video editing and processing may take some time.

    Hit the "Get started" pane, and when transferred to the editor, click the "Upload" button to select a file from your device, Google Drive or Dropbox.

    Open editor to make jump-cut video

    Then drag the recording to the timeline below the player.

    Files to make jump-cut video
  2. Cut the video

    Place the white playhead at the beginning of the frame you want to cut out and hit the "split" option. Then perform the same with the end point of the frame. Click on the cut-out snippet to make it "active" and hit the "delete" option.

    Edit jump-cut video

    Repeat these actions as many times as needed. As a result, you'll get several separate snippets. Drag them along the timeline as you need to merge seamlessly. The "snap" option will help you with that.

    Merge jump-cut video

    Note that when you split and delete unnecessary parts, they are not gone forever but rather "hidden". So if you have had a slip of a hand, you can always unhide those cut-out parts by dragging the yellow handles of the nearby snippets.

    If you want to add audio, you can do it in the left pane. Click "Upload" first, then go to the "My Media" section, drag the file to the timeline and edit it as you wish.

  3. Save the result

    Give your project the final run to make sure you like what you see. If so, hit "Export" and choose the preferred video quality. Just a small reminder: for FHD and 4K resolution, you’ll need to upgrade your account to Clideo Pro.

    Export jump-cut video

    Once the project is processed, you can save it to your device or cloud storage account.

    Save jump-cut video

If you would like to learn more about all the available options and features, you can find more details in our Video Editor Help Center.