Create a video with the before and after images

This way, people display their successes, emphasize how fast the time passes by, and show their artistic talents.

This pattern looks really impressive, and still, it doesn't require much effort or skill. All you need is a reliable online tool (preferably free) with a user-friendly interface and a good set of functions, options, and settings.

Luckily, we just have the one. Clideo service works in a browser (so make sure your Internet connection is fast and stable enough). It also allows uploading files up to 500 MB each for free. What more could one ask for? Maybe a comprehensive, detailed manual. And here it goes.

  1. Upload before and after videos

    Open Clideo’s before and after video maker, hit the "Get started" button.

    Open editor to make before and after video

    Then, upload your initial videos. It's a good practice to save them previously to the same folder or cloud storage. This way you'll be able to avail of bulk uploading.

    Upload files to create before and after video
  2. Edit videos

    When the visuals are added to the "My Media" section, drag and drop them to the timeline under each other.

    Files to make before and after video

    Arrange the videos as you need. Place them one after another to show your progress step by step. Additionally, when you select a video in the timeline, you may find more settings that you can change in the options section above — speed, opacity, colors, etc.

    Edit before and after video

    Finish your video with two shots side by side to better illustrate the before and after states. Place two images or short videos, one above the other, in the timeline. Make sure your final shots have the same length. Drag the yellow handles to adjust the length.

    Place before and after shots

    Don't worry if you see only one item in the player: the second one might be hiding behind. Just drag the corner of the upper one to change its size and place two elements side by side. If you need any additional help, check out this detailed article on how to do it.

    You may also upload an audio track and add captions, look for the "Text" icon in the left sidebar.

    Add text to before and after video

    When you are sure it doesn't get better than that, hit the "Export" button in the top right corner of the screen and select the resolution. FHD and 4K are available only for Clideo Pro accounts.

    Export before and after video

    As soon as you click "Continue" the processing will start. Don't worry if it takes up to several minutes: the exact timing depends on your files' size and the settings you select.

  3. Save your project

    When you are done, you may either go back to editing or save your new video to your device, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

    Save before and after video

If you would like to find more about editor, you can have a look at our Video Editor Help Center.