How to become a travel vlogger

Do you travel a lot and want to enter the world of travel vloggers but don’t have an idea where to start? Let us help you out!


To get started, choose a format for your travel videos, such as:

  • Travel notes. In this format vloggers share their general impressions, tell and show what they see and what they are interested in. The main advantages of the format are the possibility for the narrator to talk about their thoughts honestly and, as a result, the trust of the audience.
  • Travel guides. These are stories about cities and countries, tips on where to eat, how to find accommodation, and how to get from one place to another. This format is useful for viewers who are looking for verified information. On the other hand, it requires careful preparation and studying of the topic, so one can’t just jump into using this format immediately.
  • Niche topics. The emphasis on the expert sphere of the blogger is important here. Yoga, cooking, photography, extreme sports, baby traveling, and any other topic that you can and want to talk about in an interesting way. The plus of using this format is a clear definition of the target audience and, as a result, high conversion rates. However, you’re also required to professionally understand the topic.

When you decide on a format, you can move on to equipment. The problem of what to use for recording videos is always relevant.

Filming gear

Best camera for travel vlogs? Nowadays, even the most simple and cheap gadgets have the function of shooting video. On the other hand, the more you shoot, the better and more expensive the equipment you want. But just as expensive running shoes don’t turn a runner into a champion, expensive tech doesn’t turn you into a successful vlogger on the spot. Start simple and later you will know which direction to go.

Travel vlog equipment

Travel videos can be shot on different gadgets, but the smartphone wins because it’s always on hand, so you can quickly capture an interesting moment. Shooting with a smartphone doesn’t require pre-training, and there is no need to carry heavy filming equipment with you. And if you don’t bring a laptop with you, editing travel videos is possible on iOS and Android as well. So you can quickly process them and immediately publish the finished material on social networks and your travel channel on YouTube.

In short, the minimum set of equipment for a novice travel vlogger is:

  • Any smartphone with an HD shooting option.
  • Additional battery for a smartphone.
  • Several memory cards for 32 or 64 gigabytes. Cards sometimes get wet and break, so it’s better to have a spare.
  • Selfie stick or a tripod for a phone.

Endorsing videos

After you’ve learned how to shoot interesting travel vlogs, you have to also promote them. Gain followers, share posts on social networks, participate in affiliate programs with other popular bloggers and find your own style to stand out and be remembered by the audience.

Best travel video

When adding a video to a channel, carefully fill in all the fields: not only the title but also the description, keywords, location, and recording date, category. All this in one way or another affects the rating. In the description, indicate links to your social networks, and in networks, share videos and invite friends to subscribe to the channel.

Now that we have dealt with the most basic requirements, what about the very essence of the content about traveling?

Travel vlog ideas and tips

The most vital component of any video is the story. Take beautiful shots and make a slideshow with music, and after a minute of watching such a video, the viewer would want to turn it off. It can be spectacular and technically perfect, but if there is no story in it, it is boring to watch.

Storytelling is extremely relevant in various fields. Plus, a story that evokes emotions is a win-win – you implement an interesting idea, and the viewers get a thoughtful result that will remain in their heads for a long time.

Travel vlog ideas

In addition, you need to decide whether you yourself will be present in your video or not. Obviously, audiences are much more immersed if they can see the author and feel their personality. But it doesn’t mean that you must be the main character of the story if you don’t feel like it. You can talk about a local resident or speak on their behalf, use a media character or invent your own hero. Be observant because when you travel, you come across such incredible stories that there is no need to come up with anything.