Guides on video, photo and audio editing

What is Selective Focus in Photography
Selective focus in photography is a useful technique that helps draw attention to the most essential part of an image.
How to Crop a Screenshot on Windows Online
Cropping screenshots is something that can be done in just a few clicks and completely online.
What is Aperture Priority Mode
Aperture priority mode is a real “lifesaver” for both amateur photographers and experienced professionals. Let’s have a closer look, why.
What is Manual Mode on Camera
When auto mode doesn’t get you the result you want, try experimenting with camera settings to see how you can affect the outcome of the shooting.
Add Subtitles to a Video for YouTube
Want to expand the global reach of your YouTube clips? Adding subtitles is one easy way to go about it, and it’s really not that difficult.
How to Make a Photo Slideshow on Mac
Create a slideshow using photos, videos and music online on your Mac!
What is Depth of Field in Photography
A photo is always a story that you are trying to tell via an image. To make it sound different, you can use various photography techniques.
300 vs 600 DPI and How to Convert Your Image
Do you always check DPI resolution when printing out an image? After all, this property can be critically important!
What is Low Angle Camera Shot
Low angle shot is a technique that is used by all the filmmakers out there — learn more about it!
How to Make a Custom Ringtone on Android
A unique music tone on your phone that you have made from a song you love can make you smile.
What is Motion Blur in Photography
There are many great photography techniques that can help enhance your images and create a whole new story out of a regular photo.
Instagram Story Dimensions
Learn the correct dimensions of Instagram Stories and how to resize your file to fit them!
Wildlife Photography Tips
Wildlife photography is a real art which can eternize its creator. As every skill, it has its tricks and hints.
How to Make a Picture Slideshow on Mac
You can create a slideshow with our tool even without downloading anything to your Mac as it works online right in your browser!
Camera Focus Explained
You should understand how focus works in order to take great professional-looking pictures!
Add Song to Video App for iPhone
Add your favourite song to an iPhone video using our great free app!
What is a Double Exposure Photo
Learn about a very popular effect in artistic photography that allows you to combine two images and how to use it.
How to Make Video with Photos and Music Online
Create a video out of your favorite photos, videos and music using our online and free tool!
What is Bulb Mode in Photography
Learn about the special setting that helps you create long exposure photos.
How to Make a GIF for a YouTube Video
Creating GIF for a YouTube video is easy when you have the right tool!
What is High-Angle Shot with Examples
High-angle shot is one of the techniques professional filmmakers use to make people feel not only watch.
How to Crop a Video on Windows Online
Leave only the most important things in the video by removing the unnecessary parts of it.
What is Shallow Depth of Field in Photography
Want your photos to look more professional? Learn what shallow Depth of Field is!
How to Flip a Video for YouTube
If you need to flip or mirror your video then our efficient online tool can help you do that in a matter of seconds.