Latest trends in social media videos

Social media is heavily intertwined with personal and business life. The pandemic and prolonged quarantine have turned them into our primary sources of news, communication, and marketing.

In terms of video content, it’s not enough to just look at what's trending on YouTube now – though informative, it will only show you how the situation looks on that specific platform. If you want your videos to gain popularity, it’s better to see what’s happening on other platforms and show yourself there, for example, by participating in some social media challenges.

However, such challenges are temporary, and we are looking for something to keep the viewer on our channel. Let’s take a look at more reliable ways to interest a random user!

Short-form content

Scrolling through the YouTube feed, you may have noticed that the duration of many, if not most of the videos was less than 2 minutes. This is a direct consequence of the popularity of TikTok: most platforms wanted to repeat its success and made it possible to create short content. Although Instagram still allows you to make IGTVs, users choose Stories and Reels. Even YouTube has launched a Shorts section for videos that last a few seconds.

Video trend on TikTok

Shorts are also trending frequently, and no wonder, as it’s easier to shoot them – you don’t need a script and expensive equipment. They are even more comfortable to watch – viewers can have fun between lessons or during a work break. And since many platforms decided to give monetary incentives to the creators of such content, it is expected to give an additional impetus to its development.

However, the popularity of such content and the ease of creation increase competition. If you want to join this trend, you need to come up with some unique trick that will help you make spectacular reels and stories, whether it’s the way you act or an interesting visual effect present in all videos.

Mobile "studio"

High-quality video production seems to be an expensive and complicated process. This was true, but modern mobile devices make it much easier, allowing many users to create their content at any time. Viewers are already accustomed to watching videos shot on a mobile phone, so you don’t have to wait until there is a budget to start incorporating video into your media creation strategy. The trend of shooting on smartphones is popular today and will remain so for a long time.

Mobile video production

Video editing no longer requires using a PC or even having one. Most smartphones have some basic editing functionality in built-in apps, and for more advanced features there are plenty of downloadable apps or online video editing tools. In addition, many social networks, like TikTok or Instagram, allow you to edit media files when you are uploading them.

"Reading" videos

It may seem strange, but it makes sense. We watch videos outside, in transport, and even at work. And it’s not always possible to turn on the sound, so it has become a trend to create videos that will be understandable even without it. It can be text, subtitles, captions – any elements that help viewers watch videos without sound.

New video trends for viewers in transport

At the same time, such content is adapted for people with hearing impairments. In social networks, it’s always good to give the viewer the opportunity to choose how to receive information: visually, aurally, or by reading. That’s why even visually-focused TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube allow video captions.


Though it is far from a fresh trend, this video marketing method became more common and developed quickly due to the pandemic. If earlier it was possible to disregard omnipresence, in 2022 it is an essential element of a social media video strategy. But what exactly is it?

Omnipresence, simply put, is being everywhere at the same time. Of course, you can’t literally be everywhere at the same time yourself, but your videos can! In this context, omnipresence means uploading content on different platforms to reach a larger number of audiences – of course, with the adaptation of videos to the requirements of these platforms for a better viewing experience.

Social media strategy stats

Omnipresence is essential not only because you provide the audience with maximum points of contact with your content but also because the platforms are synchronized with each other. You can have the same videos on different social media pages, but the audience will be different, and this way you can attract more attention to your content. Omnipresence also comes with many benefits, such as getting more varied feedback from the viewers and, as a result, more possibilities for you to increase viewer satisfaction and views count on your videos.