How to create fashion videos for your vlog

You'll need some preparation. Find the photos of outfits you want to show as examples and save them to the same folder on your device, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Then record a video with your explanation on a subject and save it to the same place.

Just a small reminder: You don't need expensive equipment and software to shoot a quality lookbook video. A common smartphone or a DSLR camera will come in perfectly. As for editing tools, avail of our free online service.

Here is a detailed manual on how to create fashion show video clips.

  1. Upload all the files to the tool

    Open Clideo’s Video Editor in any browser. Make sure your Internet connection is stable and fast enough, as processing may take some time.

    Editor to make fashion video

    Hit the "Get started" button, then "Upload" and "Choose files". You can select all the saved images and videos to use the bulk upload option.

    Upload files to make fashion video

    As soon as all files are imported, you can find them in the "My Media" tab. Then you can drag and drop them to the timeline below the player or the player itself or click the plus sign on each visual you want to add to your project.

    Files to make fashion video
  2. Arrange and edit files

    Have the video on the bottom layer and the images above it. Thus, you can place the outfit pictures right on top of the chosen moments of your video. Please check the detailed instructions on making a pip (picture-in-picture) video.

    Edit fashion video clips

    You can change the visuals' duration by dragging the yellow handles on the timeline.

    You may also change the settings of each picture or video by selecting it and adjusting the available options. To choose the aspect ratio and background color for the whole project, click "Settings".

    You can also add captions separately.

    Add text to fashion video
  3. Save the project

    When you're fully done, give your video the final run to ensure everything is hunky-dory, and hit the "Export" button. Here you'll have to choose the resolution of your future clip. There are two free options, but you'll have to update your account to Clideo Pro for better quality.

    Export fashion video

    When the project is processed, you can either save it or click the "Edit" button and change it as you wish.

    Save fashion video

Our Video Editor Help Center has even more details that you might need.