What is mobile video production

So-called "mobile video studios" have changed the very idea of cinematography, having made this type of art open for everyone, even those without money, artistic education, or experience. Talent — that is what matters in mobile filming. So if you have a worthy idea — just turn on your smartphone and go ahead.

This type of filming may be both feature and documentary. There are special festivals for short-length films shot with mobile phones, and some of the winners are real masterpieces.

Smartphone for videography

Why mobile filming is on the rise

There are several major reasons.

  • Involvement. A creator of a mobile phone movie is not just a mute and invisible director, they are participants of the action, a witness, and one of the characters.
  • Ubiquity. Thanks to smartphones now even those who tended to be "invisible" have gained their voices: the poor, the national minorities, discriminated groups, etc.
  • Accessibility. There are numerous free filmmaking apps with more or less advanced features, not even mentioning basic recording functions embedded in each smartphone by default.
  • Engagement. After shooting a video, you can share it on social media right away with a couple of clicks.
  • Easy post-production editing. As technical impeccability is not so important in such types of films, you can edit your project with the help of free online video editing services and tools, even without transferring files to any large storage or installing any apps.

What to consider while filming a movie on iPhone or another smartphone

While all the embedded functions may work fine, a good external mic will do no harm. Think also of a tripod or a gimbal to make the image steady. This is also true for external storage and/or clouds. Make sure you'll not face a lack of free space.

Another point: if the video is short, it doesn't mean there is no need in the script. Get prepared for the shooting properly.

Last but not least — even amateur filmmakers are capable of creating a real gem, but still, mobile filmmaking courses may be of great help.

Mobile filmmaking

Is traditional filmmaking in decline?

Professional filmmakers, directors, and editors don't think so. Mobile filming will surely gain popularity, but these two types of cinematography will most likely peacefully coexist, having different niches and audiences.

Anyway, mobile filming is a great way to make your start in a new intriguing sphere.