Guides on video, photo and audio editing

How to Slow Down Video on iPhone
Many videos use the slow down or speed up effects. To change the speed of your video on the go, you need just one online tool.
How to Make Horizontal Video Vertical
Sometimes you need to make horizontal video vertical or crop it. And here, our online resizing tool comes in just handy!
What are SDH Subtitles
SDH subtitles are more than just regular subtitles as they serve specific purposes.
How to Сreate an SRT File in Subtitle Generator
If you want to add subtitles to your video, SRT files are the best due to their popularity.
Closed Captions vs. Subtitles: What is the Difference
The two are similar but not the same. Learn about captions and subtitles, their differences and their purpose.
How to Make a Meme on iPhone
Trends can’t wait – you must be fast if you want to be first. Now you can create viral memes right from your iPhone.
What is Meme
Read about meme definition and how you can make a good meme of your own.
How to Put Video in Reverse Online
Ever wanted to reverse time? You can start with playing some video backward.
Free Background Music for Videos
Are you looking for music for video editing? Read about some free video music sources to spice up your next project.
How to Flip a Clip Online
Video flipping has never been easier as with our user-friendly online tool!
What are Royalty Free Images
A picture is worth a thousand words. Find out about royalty-free image sources for your future posts.
How to Make a Meme Video
Do you want to intersperse your blog or social media page with something new? Try creating your own meme in a few easy steps!
How to Create a Video from Photos on iPhone
What is the use in storing dozens and hundreds of dull photos? Let them become a colorful and artistic video with a musical soundtrack.
How to Make a Video Look Vintage
Change your video color scheme, make it more stylish or romantic with the help of our free filters.
What are High Exposure Photos
High or long exposure is a technique, which allows you to take mysterious photos with almost streaming waterfalls and visible star tracks.
How to Extract Audio from Video on Windows
If you need to get the audio from any video, learn how you can do it in a few clicks!
What is Selective Focus in Photography
Selective focus in photography is a useful technique that helps draw attention to the most essential part of an image.
How to Crop a Screenshot on Windows Online
Cropping screenshots is something that can be done in just a few clicks and completely online.
What is Aperture Priority Mode
Aperture priority mode is a real “lifesaver” for both amateur photographers and experienced professionals. Let’s have a closer look, why.
What is Manual Mode on Camera
When auto mode doesn’t get you the result you want, try experimenting with camera settings to see how you can affect the outcome of the shooting.
Add Subtitles to a Video for YouTube
Want to expand the global reach of your YouTube clips? Adding subtitles is one easy way to go about it, and it’s really not that difficult.
How to Make a Photo Slideshow on Mac
Create a slideshow using photos, videos and music online on your Mac!
What is Depth of Field in Photography
A photo is always a story that you are trying to tell via an image. To make it sound different, you can use various photography techniques.
300 vs 600 DPI and How to Convert Your Image
Do you always check DPI resolution when printing out an image? After all, this property can be critically important!