What is a text-to-video AI generator

Before releasing such an app, developers and testers usually "teach" it, creating a database and "feeding" the program with various visuals.

The first results may be poor, but that's the point: the more this app is used, the better it becomes, even without additional editing.

AI video generator

There are two main types of such programs:

  • AI video generator from the text. A user inserts a phrase, a sentence, or even a whole extract, and the algorithm creates an image or a video related to the given content.
  • AI avatar video. In this case, the app allows users to choose from a library of virtual avatars or create a custom one. After inserting a text, this "speaking head" will perform a voice-over. A user can choose a background or add any special effects.

This type of software takes much time, money, and effort, so such apps are seldom free. But some have demo modes or free trials; others offer very affordable subscription plans. For example: Synthesia, Pictory, Lumen5, and others.

AI-generated videos: how to use them?

Of course, it's fascinating and mind-blowing that smart algorithms can now perform humans' jobs, but what is the use of it? Let's list just a few sample usages.

Educational AI generated video

Educational or demo videos

A "text to video" algorithm will help you to reduce the costs significantly. All you need is a script, the smart program will do the rest. You don't have to rent a studio, hire a presenter, or spend hours on post-production editing and voice-over.

Blog posts illustration

Illustrate your content with an AI-generated video; it will be great fun both for you and your followers.

Music videos

AI already creates official music videos, just have a look at this clip! They may look funny, spooky, or even creepy, but they are not ordinary.


However smart they are, information technologies still can't replace people (we hope!). Take an AI-generated video as a basis and alter it as you wish to create your own unique piece of art.

Creativity vs AI generated artwork

AI-generated videos: concerns

Is artificial intelligence as good as it seems, or the rise of machines is coming? It's just a joke, but there are some concerns.

First of all, there is an eternal concern of luddites: what if these apps replace people completely? No worries, even the smartest programs follow their algorithms, so their projects can't be real pieces of art.

Another concern — such AI avatars are very close to deepfake videos. Luckily, there are ways to recognize what you see: unnatural eyes are blinking, or too smooth skin can give you a clear hint that it's an AI-generated avatar, not a real person.

Another tricky moment — copyrights. Theoretically, companies providing such services should use legal visuals to teach their apps. So there is only one possible piece of advice here: use trusted resources, especially if you post the created video on social media or other online platforms.

Overall, AI video generators are an interesting breakdown. Nowadays, even the most prominent IT companies and services, such as Meta or Google, have such embedded functions. At the moment, AI-generated videos don't look exactly the same as they are supposed to; there are noises and artifacts, but give the tools some time, and we'll see what will happen in a few years.