Create a reality vs expectations meme video online

And as much as we'd like to think that's the way it looks, we know that reality isn't always perfect. The very existence of the "Instagram vs reality" meme is proof of this.

This thought may seem depressing, but optimists have adopted it, and the now popular "expectation vs reality" meme format cheers up many social media users. Did you also come up with the idea of such a meme? Creating it will be as easy as shelling peas with our tool! You only need an internet connection and a few minutes to create your video.

It's also very easy to work with, take a look at the steps below:

  1. Upload files

    Open Clideo’s Online Video Editor and click "Get started".

    Editor to make expectation vs reality meme video

    Click "Upload" to add all the necessary media files. These could be images, videos, or gifs. You can upload them from the device or pick them from your cloud storage account.

    Upload files to make expectation vs reality meme video
  2. Create a meme video

    To add files to the project, click the "+" icon on them or drag them directly from "My Media" to the preview area or timeline one by one.

    Files to make expectation vs reality meme video

    When your clips are in the timeline you can start editing them.

    Meme video clips in the timeline

    If one video or image is bigger than you need, both can be resized manually in the preview. You can also place them side by side or one under another, depending on the aspect ratio used.

    Change size of expectation vs reality clips

    If there's an empty space left on the background after that, you may change its color in the "Settings" tab.

    Change background color of meme video

    Then add captions to describe the situation in your video – to do so, click the "Text" tab, choose any preset you like, and edit it further if needed.

    Add text to meme video

    When you are over with edits, click "Export" and choose the export option you like.

    Export expectation vs reality meme video
  3. Save the video

    Watch the preview to see how the result looks. If you need to improve anything, click "Edit". And if everything is good, click "Download" to save the video.

    Save expectation vs reality meme video

Wonder if our Video Editor is capable of more, then head over to Help Center to learn more about its current features.