What is vlogging, and what types of vlogs exist?

"Blog", in its turn, is a relatively new type of online journal, which usually belongs to a private person, not to an official mass medium or organization. So, the meaning of "vlogging" includes transmitting short videos with useful or entertaining information.

History of vlogging

To make a long story short, vlogging appeared and developed along with the Internet. First vloggers had nothing in common with contemporary influencers and celebrities, they didn’t shape public opinion, define any trends, or make money on advertisements.

The turning point for vlog videos was the launch of YouTube in 2005. This platform is free, its navigation is user-friendly, and from now on, everybody has a place and opportunity to speak up.

Almost just after this event, the world faced the first popular vlogger – LonelyGirl15. A teenage girl started her project as a story of her routine daily life, but eventually, the followers got to know that the hostess was involved in some cult rituals. Luckily, the whole story turned out to be fiction, created by the CAA agency to attract more attention to a new medium.

Anyway, it was just a start, and, nowadays, there are millions of popular vlog channels worldwide, as, with just a smartphone and free editing services, everybody can shoot high-quality content. Let’s have a closer look.

Example of a vlogger creating a vlog

Different kinds of vlogs

  • Lifestyle. This type of vlog represents the daily life of a person or a family, like a reality show.
  • Beauty. Make-up artists describe different brands of cosmetics, reveal professional secrets, and show various types of make-ups.
  • Sport. This type of vlogging became especially popular after the pandemic outbreak, when gyms got locked down. The modern trending is to work out at home, using improvised resources like bottles of water instead of dumbbells and so on.
  • Education. Thanks to the Internet and modern technologies, everybody can now share and gain new knowledge. There are vlogs on every possible subject, ranging from Python coding or Chinese language to sewing or the history of Medieval Europe.
  • Entertainment. Whatever it is – a stand-up show or TikTok short video, its main purpose is to make viewers laugh and relax.
  • Travel. One of the most popular types of vlogs, which makes traveling and exploring new cultures accessible even for those who have never been abroad. Such vloggers also provide the audience with useful tips and share contacts of good hotels and local restaurants.
  • Reviews, including unboxing. Instead of reading long opinion posts, people prefer watching short videos where they can see all advantages and disadvantages of described goods.

Of course, there are many more vlogs, including niche ones, intended for anime-lovers or cat breeders, so everyone can find something to watch or even become an influencer.