How to compress iPhone video in 2 different ways

In such cases, to make a video file smaller, you can record it in a lower quality to save memory. However, sometimes you may need to shoot videos of higher quality, plus, it will not work with the ones you’ve already recorded.

So how to send video from an iPhone without losing its quality? The most convenient way is to compress video files. And we have two solutions for you.

  1. Compress video via app

    Do you often shoot in places where there is no Internet connection? Try using our Video Compressor App to reduce the video size on your iPhone! If you only need a basic compression, this option works offline, so you only have to download the app before heading out to record videos. The app also allows you to make your own compression settings, however, this feature requires Internet connection.

    Application to compress iPhone video
  2. Compress video online

    If you don’t want to download anything, you can use our online video compressing tool instead. It’s very easy to work with, just look at the steps below!

    Step 1: Upload a video

    Open Clideo’s Video Compressor. Tap "Choose file" and pick a video from your iPhone, or select it from your Google Drive or Dropbox account by tapping the arrow on the right side.

    Upload file to compress iphone video

    Step 2: Compress the video

    The tool will automatically apply the best parameters to reduce the size of the video and keep its quality as much as possible, so you just have to wait a few moments while the process is in progress.

    Compression of iPhone video

    Step 3: Download the compressed video

    Watch the preview to make sure everything looks good. Tap "Download" to save the video on your device or upload it to your Google Drive or Dropbox account.

    Download compressed on iPhone video

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