How to edit the duration of photos in a picture slideshow

Slideshows are widely used in different environments — be it business or educational presentations or simply a photo sequence of a personal story, they fit perfectly in that format. In any situation, slideshows serve as a structured and organized way to present information, making it easier for the audience to follow and understand complex topics.

As such, many users know how to make photo slideshows, as there are plenty of simple apps to help with this task. However, not all of them have an option to customize the playback length of each slide, while this would be useful in many projects, especially the ones with voiceovers.

If you are looking for an application or program in which you can create and edit photos to video slideshows as well as configure the duration of each image, we have two suitable tools for you:

How to set photo duration in Slideshow Maker

Our Slideshow Maker is useful when you need to create a video with a set of still images that should play one after another with the same interval, e.g., breathing exercises, yoga sequences, etc. It's pretty straightforward:

Upload photo or video files you need (you can also add more files during editing).

Photo video slideshow maker

Change the aspect ratio and apply another cropping option if necessary in the "Crop options" section to the right.

Create picture slideshow in slideshow maker

Arrange files in the correct order. Set the duration for bulk slides in the pane to the right. This duration will be applied to all the slides.

Set duration for bulk slides in slideshow

If you want some images to last longer, simply add them multiple times and place them next to each other on the timeline.

Change duration of multiple images

Add music – you can also trim it or put it on repeat and define the volume level.

Edit music in video slideshow

Save the result!

Download video slideshow from slideshow maker

If you need a more diverse duration setting that you can change for an individual slide, check out the second tool:

How to change the duration of photos in Video Editor

Using our Online Video Editor, you can explore your creative ideas and create all kinds of slideshow – presentations for work, tutorials, lectures, and others. It's a bit more complex than the previous tool, but you have more control over how the result will look after you edit your slideshow. Plus, it's still easy to use:

Click "Get started", then the "+" sign to add media files from your device or cloud storage.

Editor to turn photos to video slideshow

Set the specific aspect ratio in the "Canvas" tab if needed.

Change canvas for picture slideshow

Change the order of the media files in the timeline according to your needs. You can also move all the files right in the preview, change their size, place them side by side, or overlay them or adjust its other properties: trim, duplicate, change volume, speed for video files, and so on.

Edit slideshow in video editor

To change the duration of the slide image, click its thumbnail on the timeline, then drag the yellow handles on its sides to make it longer or shorter.

Change duration of images in video editor

If your project requires a voiceover you haven't prepared yet, you can do it using the functions in the "Record" tab on the left.

Record voiceover for picture slideshow

When you finish editing, click "Export" and choose the export option you like. After processing the file, check the playback to see if you like it. If so, click "Download" to save it to your device or cloud storage. Otherwise, click "Edit" to add changes.

Download video slideshow from video editor

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