What is a video summary

With the rise of video platforms and the endless stream of new creators and their content, many viewers may feel overwhelmed. They want to watch not only entertaining but also educational videos, however, it often happens that they are an hour or more long. The average viewer often cannot immediately understand whether they will be interested in watching the whole video, and sometimes, there's simply not enough time to do so.

Fortunately, the development of AI is keeping pace, too, and many tools for summarizing any video can already help in such a situation. A video summary provides a kind of "condensed" version of the lengthier video, containing only its most vital and interesting parts.

Video summarization

Why summarize videos

Besides time efficiency, video summaries are actually helpful in many other ways:

  • Content promotion. A video editor and marketer may use summaries as teasers or promotional material to attract viewers to watch the full video.
  • Learning aid. In educational settings, summaries can help students review complex topics or lectures more efficiently.
  • Content accessibility. Summaries make content more accessible to individuals with disabilities or those who prefer shorter, concise versions.
  • Recap and memory aid. After watching a lengthy video, a summary can serve as a recap to reinforce key takeaways and aid in the retention of information.
  • Content curation. In video-sharing platforms and social media, users may curate video summaries to create playlists or compilations of related content.
Video summary

How does video summarization works

Video summarization algorithms automatically select and arrange keyframes or video segments of a longer video to create a condensed and meaningful summary. The goal is to capture the most important and informative content while reducing the video's length.

Some of the usual methods include:

  • Identifying transitions between shots (e.g., cuts or dissolves) to select key moments.
  • Using audio cues, such as speech or music, to identify essential sections.
  • Combining information from visual, audio, and text modalities for comprehensive summaries.
  • Allowing user input or preferences to guide the summarization process.

These methods can be used individually or in combination to create effective video summaries based on specific goals and content characteristics.

Analyze video for summary

Video summarizer tools

If you find this topic interesting and would like to see how it works, consider trying the following summarization tools:

  • Any Summary will easily analyze text in any format, be it audio, video, or image, and give you the desired result. 3 videos up to 10 MB per day are available for processing for free. And for $9/month, the limits are significantly expanded, allowing you to save time and effort in processing bulk materials.
  • Solidpoint summarizes YouTube videos. It takes several minutes to transcribe the video and compose the text, but it's free, and the result is high quality. If necessary, you can access the summaries already made by other users.
  • summarize.tech allows processing several videos per day for free. The premium version for $10/month has no daily restrictions; in total, you can process up to 200 videos per month.
  • Eightify Google Chrome extension provides unlimited summaries of YouTube videos of any length. After a 7-day free trial, it works for $5/month.
  • YouTube Summary with ChatGPT & Claude extension for Chrome creates a summary of a YouTube video with time codes. It is very convenient when you want to view only selected fragments.
Summarize AI


What is video summarization?

A video summary is a condensed version of a longer video or film that captures key points, highlights, or prominent elements. It provides viewers with a quick overview without having to watch the source in its entirety.

What are video summarization methods?

The process of summarization works by capturing the essential information, key events, or important moments that can be translated into text. It includes identifying visual, audio, and textual cues.

Why is video summarizing important?

Using summaries enhances the efficiency, accessibility, and utility of visual content. It helps both content creators and viewers by making it more manageable.


Video summaries help everyone who strives to learn more in less time. They help easily overcome language barriers and make it possible to quickly assess the usefulness of a particular video for studying a topic of interest.