Fast and simple video compressor

Then, the service is free for files up to 500 MB each, and you can start as many projects as you want without signing up.

Last but not least, it’s completely intuitive and automated. You don’t have to choose the compression rate and decide on what you are ready to sacrifice: size or quality. Our algorithms select the best rate based on the recording peculiarities. For example, if you record a tree with leaves and a lot of movement, the compression wouldn't be that big. The compression ratio however may be quite impressive if you have almost static video scenes.

Should you want to control this parameter, you can get avail of our video compressor app for iPhone.

For now, let's see how to use an mp4 video compressor online.

  1. Import a video to the tool

    Open Clideo’s video compressor in any browser. As we’ve already mentioned, it’s a service, not software, so make sure your Internet connection is fast and stable.

    Hit the "Choose file" button to upload a recording from your device. You may also drag and drop your video. Another option — call the drop-down menu on the same button and import a video from Google Drive or Dropbox.

    Add video to online video compressor

    Once your file is uploaded to the tool, it will be processed immediately. Just be patient, as it may take some time depending on your video.

    Video compressor processing screen
  2. Review and save the result

    You’ll be transferred to the final screen with the compressed video. Above the player, you’ll see the compression rate, the old and new file sizes. If you don’t want your video to have a tiny watermark, just upgrade to Clideo Pro.

    Video compressor download screen

    As soon as you are happy with the result, save it to your device or cloud storage account.

We are regularly improving our tools to add new features or enhance your experience. Check our Help Center for the most recent instructions.