TTS definition and how does it work

TTS meaning is "text-to-speech". It can be a program, application, software, inbuilt feature, or online tool that transfers a written text into a voiceover.

Each service works in its own way. For example, Google text-to-speech feature voices websites, some electronic books have an inbuilt TTS function to turn books into audio, and the TikTok TTS feature reads captions out loud, etc.

If you are curious about "how does text to speech work?", you’d better read technical documentation and manuals about the software you use, as they all have different algorithms. But every TTS software generates an AI voice; some may even imitate different accents and pronunciations.

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Why should I use TTS in video?

It has already been proven that people "digest" information better when they perceive it in different ways simultaneously: visually, aurally, etc. If you are not a professional voiceover artist, you are highly unlikely to record high-quality audio, not even mentioning the time it will take.

Apart from this obvious reason, there are several others:

  • Readers with poor eyesight or visual impairments, including aged people. It’s much easier for them to listen to the audio than read small letters.
  • Texts in foreign languages. Pronunciation is tricky, and text-to-speech programs can come in handy.
  • People who can’t talk. The most known example — Stephen Hawking, who successfully used TTS technology to communicate.
  • "Reading" while driving or jogging. Don’t miss a minute — if you can’t read or watch the news — listen!
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So, if "what does TTS mean" is not a question for you anymore, let’s go on to the next point.

How to integrate TTS into video

  1. Get a text

    To turn a text into a voiceover, you should have one first. If you want to integrate TTS into your own video, you may write your own script. Otherwise, you can just take any ready content.

  2. Upload it to a TTS tool

    There are lots of free TTS services, for example, this one. Define your budget and needs, and select an option that fits you best.

    Usually, such programs provide a range of voices to choose from. Do you want your "narrator" to be a man or a woman? Would you prefer a British or an American accent? It’s all up to you!

    When you are done, download a generated TTS as an MP3 file.

  3. Add audio to your video

    Then you can use a free Clideo tool to add your voiceover to the recording.

    Add text-to-speech mp3 to video

    As you see, the whole process will take just 3 simple steps and literally several minutes, while creating a professional dubbing with voice-over artists would be much more time-consuming and costly.