How to translate videos online

With an incredible amount of informative and simply interesting videos to watch, the need to translate them is growing. Whether it's field-specific videos in another language on a topic that interests the viewer, or even a simple desire to share foreign bloggers with friends unfamiliar with other languages, it all comes down to translating existing subtitles or creating them from scratch.

Fortunately, subtitle translation is no longer as labor-intensive as it used to be. There are online translators that work with many languages and can translate the needed text in parts, or even special subtitle translators that work with the entire text in the SRT file. On some video platforms, instant auto-translation of subtitles from and to English is even possible.

Are you also looking for a free translator for your video to make it more accessible? Then you might be interested in our subtitle tool – you can use it to add captions and also as a translator for the entire SRT file. And it's not difficult to work with at all:

  1. Add video

    First, open Clideo's Subtitle Translator and make sure you are logged in, as automatic features are available for registered users only.

    Subtitle translator

    Then, click "Choose file" to add the video from your device or cloud storage. After it's uploaded, you can choose how to add subtitles.

    Automatic subtitle translator
  2. Translate the subtitles

    If you want to generate and translate them immediately, click "Auto subtitles", select the language used in the video and the language you need to translate the subtitles to, then click "Generate".

    To achieve a more accurate generation and translation of subtitles, make sure the audio track in your video has good quality and minimal background noise, no overlapping speech or multiple languages being spoken, and that you have chosen the correct language/accent options for both the original and translation languages.

    Select language in subtitle translator

    However, in this case, you will only have the translated subs. If you want them in both languages, choose "Do not translate".

    Generate subtitles in subtitle translator

    Then, after generating the captions, edit the text if necessary, and click "↓ SRT" in the right-side pane to save the file with the original language. Then, click "Translate" and download the translated file as well.

    Translate or srt in subtitle translator

    Alternatively, you can add subtitles yourself by clicking "Add manually".

    Add subtitles manually

    Create boxes using "+ Add subtitle" and write text in them. Then, adjust their placement by either manually setting the time code on the left side of the text box or dragging the handles of the captions in the timeline under the player. Then, download the SRT file if needed and translate the subtitles.

    Add subtitles manually in subtitle translator

    Adjust they way the subtitles should appear in the "Styles" tab.

    Change style in subtitle translator

    And if you already have an SRT file ready, just click "Upload .SRT" to add it and translate the captions. Then, adjust the time codes and edit the text if necessary.

    Upload srt to subtitle translator

    If you want to save the video with the translated subtitles embedded, click "Export".

    Export video in subtitle translator
  3. Download the result

    Check out the preview to ensure the subtitles are in the right places and everything looks right. If something needs to be corrected, click "Edit" to return to the previous page. If all is good, save the video to your device or cloud storage.

    Download video with translated subtitles

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