What is SRT?

SRT stands for SubRipSubtitle. It's the most popular subtitles file format, compatible with the majority of editing tools. SRT subtitles are usually saved as a separate file that you can later embed in the chosen video.

If you have a ready .SRT file, it means that you have already created captions in some .SRT editor or got them from any other source. So, in this article, we'll take off the table the details of creating subtitles and go straight to .SRT translation. It may be useful for fan videos of your favorite foreign singers or actors.

Fortunately, Clideo tools constantly seek perfection and gain new functionalities, so you don't have to look for other solutions. Our .SRT translator will help you create subtitles from scratch, if needed, or just edit already existing ones. It works online, so you don't have to worry about compatibility or your device's memory.

Just follow three simple steps.

  1. Add subtitles to the video

    Open SRT file translator in any browser and add the video from your device or cloud storage account. You'll see three options for adding the subtitles:

    SRT file translator
    • Generate them automatically using voice recognition algorithms. You will be able to translate them while generating them or at the next step, which is up to you.
    • Add manually
    • Upload an .SRT file
    Upload srt file to SRT translator
  2. Edit .SRT

    If you generated subtitles automatically or entered them manually, it's a good idea to save them as an .SRT file in the initial language first. This way you'll keep both the original and the translated version.

    Translate SRT in SRT translator

    Then, just hit the "translate" tab above the subtitles panel and choose the language you need. Don't forget to revise the translation, as an AI is just an algorithm and can have minor imperfections. For a more accurate translation, make sure you have chosen the correct language/accent options for both the original and translation languages.

    Translate SRT

    Polish your subtitles up in the "Styles" tab and select the output format.

    Change style in SRT translator

    You can download a new .SRT file, if you need it, and hit the "Export" button to process the visual.

    Download SRT and export in SRT translator
  3. Save the video

    The final video will have the embedded subtitles that can't be turned on and off on your wish. Now, just give the project a final run and save it to the chosen location. If you want to delete a tiny watermark and get more privileges, consider updating your subscription to Clideo Pro.

    Download video with translated SRT

We regularly improve our tools to add new features or enhance your experience. Check our Help Center for the most recent instructions.