Why do you need to edit travel videos

The world has become surprisingly small: with affordable low-cost airlines, hostels, and even free accommodations available, people developed a real passion for traveling. Nowadays, everyone and their granny start travel vlogs as what can be easier than just taking a picture or recording everything you like during your trips and then sharing it with others, right?

We have already discussed how to make a travel video, but it was just the first step of a long journey. If you want to attract more followers and become an online celebrity and influencer, you’ll need something more than a mediocre dime-a-dozen vacation reel. The best travel videos are not only technically impeccable, they have their style and "zest", they grip and involve. They stand out in various ways.

Your travel clips can go viral and make you famous too.

Travel videos tips

Travel video editing process and tips

There are three major production stages, and each of them has its tips and peculiarities.

It’s not that we are going to tell you something you don't know: all the hints are quite logical, and they are almost the same as any other content type. Still, travel videography has some points to consider, so take this section as a checklist.

Pre-production and preparation

  • Come up with an idea. Think thoroughly about what you are going to shoot and which story you want to tell.
  • Prepare equipment. For travel vlogs it should be something lightweight and mobile, on the other hand, don’t forget to purchase a telescopic tripod or a gimbal, as shaking video is no fun.
  • Think of a music theme that will dominate in your projects. Some experienced vloggers even recommend shooting while listening to the playlist you’re going to use. They say it makes footage more characteristic and expressive.


  • Remember the outline we talked about in the previous step? Take the liberty to stray off the plan. Anyway, you’ll be lucky if 10% of the raw footage will be used in the final project, and you never know what shot can come in handy.
  • Be in the video. If you are camera shy, it may be just your voiceover, but after all, followers are attracted by your personality, not only by the views they can easily find online.
  • Don’t go to another extreme by making the video all about you. It’s a travel video, not your diary.
  • Have fun. The more you enjoy the process, the better the result will be.

Travel videoography tips

Post-production editing

  • Shape your project, and cut away all the “fat and bloat”. Now you have to sift out ashes from cinders and find those 10% of shooting we were talking about earlier.
  • Use the right travel video editor. By "right" we mean the one that costs the least and provides the best quality and functionality possible. You can avail of a free online video editor or install some offline software, it’s up to you.
  • Apply the soundtrack. Don’t be surprised if, at this step, your music for a travel video will differ from the songs you selected at the pre-production stage. That’s what an act of creation looks like!
  • Combine your travel video with photos, GIFs, stickers, visual effects, captions, and other elements. Don’t forget about smooth and coherent transitions. Let your project be snappy!

Cool editing ideas

Cool ideas are no longer cool when shared by hundreds and thousands of people. So the following concepts are just inspiration, and you can come up with something better and more unique :)

  1. Set higher FPS. 60 frames per second rate makes your video smoother and "sleeker".
  2. Shoot at the Golden Hour, time, when the Sun is just about to cross the horizon line. At this time of day, the light is especially soft, everything gets a reddish hue and the shooting looks particularly warm, nostalgic, and welcoming at the same time.
  3. Tell a story. Let your project have a developing plot, pegs, a climax, and a denouement.

Travel video editing tips


What types of content can be transformed into travel videos?

Any visual content combined with audio and captions.

What video editing software is best for beginners?

The best way to edit videos for amateur vloggers is, obviously, for free. Until you start earning on your channel, there is no use in investing in costly professional software. Opt for free or very affordable services.

What is the ideal length for a travel video?

It depends on the platform you are going to post your video on. TikTok users have a rather short attention span, and the service itself prioritizes short videos. YouTube audiences, on the other hand, are used to longer shows, up to an hour, or even longer. Overall, both long-form and short-form video content may come in handy.


There is only one way to be creative: write, shoot, edit, and repeat! Try out new ways and solutions, and never hit well-trodden paths. Search your style, and we will help with inspiration and tools!