What is BTS content

When watching a movie or video, viewers are naturally interested in what they see. However, not only the result can be interesting, but also the process of creating and preparing for it. And all of this is found in the behind-the-scenes content.

With behind-the-scenes photos and videos, anyone can peek into the making of films, TV shows, and other media productions. They can find out what happened on the set, what the shot looked like before special effects were applied, and how the stunts were performed. The cast and crew joke a lot, and bad takes are even inserted in the film credits.

Thus, the value of BTS is high not only after the result is ready, but also before.

Behind the scenes

BTS in social media

Filming the work process is a great tool for attracting audience attention, which can be useful for both businesses and bloggers. As such, BTS content has become very popular on social media, since it helps in more ways than one:

  • Increased interest in the product. By seeing how the SFX, costumes, sets, and editing are done, the viewer begins to appreciate the effort and creativity that goes into each scene. They can also learn about team members whose style may be key to productions of other movies as well, such as camera operators, costume designers, etc.
  • Promoting. BTS pictures and videos are often used as a marketing tool to grab viewers’ attention and create additional interest in the piece. Avatar 2 behind-the-scenes is a perfect example, as it started being posted years before the release.
  • Public support. BTS clips can help raise awareness of charities, campaigns, or other important causes associated with the production of a film or show.
Behind-the-scenes photos

In addition, BTS footage can have special meaning for creative people – seeing the process of making something cool, they can apply their skills and achieve similar or better results.

Types of behind-the-scenes content

Filming in such a style can be varied depending on the objectives, context, and nature of the production. For example, behind-the-scenes documentaries usually cover all stages, including pre-production, filming, and post-production.

In behind-the-scenes interviews, interactions with staff, actors, directors, and others involved in the process are filmed to gain their opinions and experiences working on the project.

There are also behind-the-scenes vlogs. Separate videos or episodes are posted on vlogging platforms where crew members share their impressions, funny moments, and inside stories.

BTS footage meaning

On-set diaries are similar to documentaries, but are more informal and include daily or periodic entries or blogging where crew members share their impressions, photos, and funny moments that happened on set.

BTS tips

To make an engaging BTS, being meticulous is important. Here are some aspects to consider when filming:

  • Use a camera with sufficient resolution and image quality to allow viewers to see details clearly and appreciate the visual aspects of the production.
  • Always make sure that all crew members and actors agree to be filmed and understand that they may be captured on video. Also, if the script is planned, discuss it with the director and crew to ensure you focus on the most significant moments.
  • Try to remain an "invisible" observer so as not to interfere with the actual progress of filming. This will capture natural behavior and atmosphere.

During video editing, you can also emphasize certain moments using slow motion or zooming in.


What is BTS?

Behind-the-scenes is a video or photo record of the stages of making a movie, TV show, or other media product. It may include interviews with the cast and crew, on-set footage, costume preparation, examples of scenes that will be filmed, set construction, special effects work, and more.

Behind the scenes or behind-the-scenes?

Both options are considered correct and are widely used as there is no difference in meaning between them. The use of a hyphen ("behind-the-scenes") may be more common in certain writing styles or formatting standards.

How is BTS content different from the final video?

Since behind-the-scenes shows the creation process, the initial product may be very different from the final result. The amount of difference depends on what needs to be done – sometimes small adjustments are enough, and other times special effects turn the original into something completely different; like when a person portrays a different species.


The "inside out" of making any show or movie can be shown in such a way that it will be no less interesting than the product itself or photos for official marketing. BTS footage can positively affect the image and demonstrate that there are real hardworking people behind the project. One of the marketing trends is the convergence of consumers and companies, and behind-the-scenes can help achieve this.