How to upload YouTube videos to TikTok

Initially, YouTube and TikTok shared the market and were not direct rivals. While the former was a platform for long profound recordings, even films, the latter took a niche of short amusing videos without any profound meaning.

The situation has changed, though. First, TikTok has increased its videos' length up to 10 minutes, and now it can compete with YouTube. YouTube, in its turn, launched "Shorts" — short funny recordings.

Posts' orientation seems to be the "last frontier", but now we can witness its fall. TikTok is known for its vertical videos, this feature has become kind of a platform's trademark. Those users who prefer horizontal videos had to adjust them to the portrait orientation, otherwise, the platform itself turned horizontal videos into vertical, the recording got black borders on the top and the bottom, and the overall post's quality deteriorated.

Not anymore. Now, every "landscape" video can be opened full-screen and watched in all its glory. The feature is performed with the help of a screen-tilt button, but there are rumors in the air that soon, to change the orientation, it will be enough to turn your phone horizontally.

So, if you have always wanted to record a horizontal TikTok, the time is now. And we have a great tool to help you with this endeavor.

  1. Collect all the ingredients for your post

    Open Clideo's all-in-one ultimate TikTok video maker in any browser. Make sure your Internet connection is fast and stable, then hit the "Get started" button.

    Video editor to edit horizontal video for TikTok

    Now you can upload all recordings, audio files, or images you need from your device or cloud storage account.

    Add files to edit horizontal video for TikTok

    You can also select them from our free libraries with videos, images, audio, or GIFs and sticker elements.

    Use stocks for horizontal video for TikTok

    Alternatively, use the built-in recording feature to capture your screen video, webcam video or audio or a combination there of right in the tool.

    Record for a horizontal video for TikTok

    All the uploaded elements will appear on the timeline as well as in the "Media" folder. Files of the same type will be placed on the same track, so you can combine several visuals into one recording and match it with sound.

    Media for horizontal video for TikTok
  2. Create a video

    First, go to the "Canvas" tab and set up the horizontal aspect ratio you require. If there are sidebars left, you can choose their color. Our rich palette has not only "simple" colors, but also their hues and gradients.

    Change aspect ratio of horizontal video for TikTok

    Then, arrange the elements as you require. Mind the gaps. We mean, literally, mind them :). If there are gaps left after deleting or cutting out some snippets, they look like an empty element. Just click on the gap to make it active and delete.

    Edit horizontal video for TikTok

    Hit each element to open its settings and adjust them as you wish. For example, you can freeze a specific frame and change its color scheme.

    Change color for horizontal video for TikTok

    Don't hesitate to try out every function and button you see, as you can easily undo the last action by clicking the left-faced arrow in the top-right part of the screen.

  3. Save the video

    When you are done, click the "Export" button and select the output quality.

    Export horizontal video for TikTok

    The FHD and 4K options are available for Clideo Pro subscribers only, so if you need nothing but the very best, consider upgrading your account.

    Select output quality for horizontal video for TikTok

    When the project is processed, save it to the preferred location and post it to TikTok.

    Save horizontal video for TikTok

If you would like to learn more about our video editor and its features, you can always refer to our detailed Help Center.