How to automatically generate subtitles

Creating subtitles for videos is a painstaking and quite time-consuming job. You need to record the text from the audio track, attach it to time stamps, and make sure everything is readable. Even if you’re not used to it, you can easily spend half an hour or more preparing subtitles for a one-minute video. And if you also need to translate the text, the task becomes even more complicated. Clideo’s Auto Subtitle Generator

Therefore, now everyone resorts to using programs or tools that automatically subtitle videos. Some web platforms even have such a function built-in — for example, on YouTube, you can auto-generate subtitles not only for regular videos but also for streams. However, in such cases, mistakes are possible because the AI does not always recognize words correctly.

Do you also need to add text to your video and are looking for a tool to auto-generate captions? Check out our subtitle generator! With it, you can add subtitles to a video automatically and edit them to perfection. All you need is an Internet connection on your device, and you’re ready to go.

  1. Add video

    Log in first if you haven’t already, as automatic features are available for registered users only. After that, open Clideo’s Auto Subtitle Generator and click "Choose file" to add the video from your device or cloud storage.

    Auto subtitle generator

    Once it’s uploaded, you’ll see several options for adding subtitles.

    Auto generate subtitles
  2. Generate the subtitles

    If you only need to add subtitles, click "Auto subtitles", select the language used in the video, then choose "Do not translate", and click "Generate".

    Generate subtitles

    Make sure automatically generated captions are placed at the right timestamps. If there are any discrepancies, you can either manually set time codes on the left side of the text box or drag the handles of the captions in the timeline under the player.

    Edit automatically generated subtitles

    Then, correct mistakes in the text if there are any and click "↓ SRT" in the right-side pane to save the file with subtitles in case you want to have it separately. If you would like to have translated subtitles, select the language of the original and the one you need to translate the subtitles to, then click "Generate".

    Translate or get srt with generated subtitles

    You can change how your subtitles look by using one of the style presets, or by changing the font, its size and color yourself.

    Change style of automatically generated subtitles

    To save the video with the embedded captions, click "Export".

    Export video with automatically generated subtitles
  3. Save the video

    Watch the preview for the last time to make sure the text plays in the right places. To make corrections, click "Edit" to return to the editor. And if all looks great, download the video to your device or cloud storage.

    Download video with generated subtitles

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