How to merge SRT with MP4

MP4 is one of the most popular, and in some cases, the default video format due to the ease of working with it. However, it is relatively rare for such videos to have subtitles built into them; in most cases, they come with the video as separate SRT files. Users can turn them on and edit them if necessary. But occasionally the author may need to embed SRT into the MP4 file, for viewer’s convenience or when they want to upload to a platform where the subtitle file cannot be added along with the video.

Therefore, users often wonder how to add an SRT file to their MP4 video. If previously it had to be done manually through various video and subtitle editing software, now many auxiliary tools accelerate the process. Of course, when using them, checking the result for errors is advisable.

If you’re looking for a way to combine your MP4 and SRT files, try our subtitle editing tool! Using it, you can easily embed subtitles into videos, as well as edit their look. In addition, you can do this on your phone if it has the necessary files. The rest is simple:

  1. Upload your MP4 video

    Open Clideo’s Subtitle Editor and click "Choose file" to add the needed clip from your device or cloud storage. After it’s uploaded, you’ll see several options for adding subtitles.

    Add video to add srt to mp4
  2. Add subtitles to MP4

    Click "Upload .SRT" and pick a subtitle file.

    Add srt to mp4

    If all the text in it has already been adjusted to the video, everything should be displayed correctly at the right moments, but double check to see if there are any mistakes. In case there are, you can put the correct time codes in the boxes on the right pane or manually drag the segment in the timeline to the proper place.

    Edit mp4 srt text

    In the "Styles" tab, you can adjust the text alignment and change its font and size. You can also set the color for subtitles and their background to give them some personality — this is a good way to be remembered by viewers if you are going to upload plenty of videos with subtitles.

    Change style of mp4 srt text

    If you want to have the edited subtitle file separately, before exporting the video, click "↓ SRT" in the "Subtitles" tab. You can also change the video’s format at the bottom left if necessary.

    Download srt and change format

    And when everything is ready, click "Export" at the bottom right.

  3. Save MP4 with embedded subtitles

    Check the preview once again to see if the subtitles are displayed correctly. If all is good, download the video to your device or cloud storage, otherwise, click "Edit" to return to the editor.

    Download merged srt and mp4

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