How to add your own TikTok sound

Luckily the platform allows its users to make an original sound with the help of the “Voiceover” function.

  • Record or upload a video;
  • On the editing screen, tap the Voiceover;
  • Speak to the phone’s mic to add your own sound to TikTok.

Unfortunately, this method doesn’t work if you want to add your own music. No worries! We have a perfect tool for adding audio to TikTok!

Clideo’s all-in-one video editor will help you to create a perfect recording with various effects. You may also combine several files into one video, add captions, change the background color, cut, flip, or edit it in many other ways.

Read this short manual on how to use your own sound on TikTok and go creative!

  1. Upload video and audio files

    Make sure your Internet connection is fast and stable, as file processing may take some time. Then save your recording and the soundtrack for it to the same folder.

    Open the Video Editor in a browser and hit the “Get started” button.

    Video editor to add your sound to TikTok video

    Using a bulk upload, import the selected files.

    Upload TikTok video and your own sound
  2. Edit your project

    Go to the “My Media” tab, find your files and drag them to the timeline or the preview canvas.

    TikTok video and your own sound files

    Go to the “Settings” tab and change the aspect ratio to 9:16, so that it fits TikTok perfectly.

    Change to TikTok aspect ratio

    Adjust the audio’s length to the video duration. If it’s too short, you might need to copy-paste it. If it’s too long, shorten it by dragging the left or right yellow handle.

    Add your own sound to TikTok video

    You can edit video and audio separately by just selecting the needed file on the timeline and adjusting the available options above the timeline. Don’t forget to mute an initial recording if it has sound!

  3. Save your project

    Give your project a final run to make sure that you got what you wanted, then click “Export” and choose the output quality. If you want it to be the highest possible (and don’t want to have a watermark on your video), upgrade your account to Clideo Pro.

    Export video for TikTok with your own sound

    If, at this final step, you find out that you’re still not happy with the result, don’t worry! You can hit the “Edit” button or even start a new project from scratch: you can process as many files up to 500 MB each day, as you need, and it will not cost you a penny.

    Save video for TikTok with your own sound

If you would like to learn more about our all-in-one video editor options and features, you can find more information in our Help Center.