Best videography blogs to follow

If you decide to pick up video production for the web, or just host your own video blog for fun and find new connections, some basic information and tips on this topic will do no harm.

Luckily, there are lots of video makers willing to share their knowledge for free. Just find the blog you really like, subscribe to it, and get inspired! One of them you’re reading right now :) But we are happy to introduce other ones.

Filmmaking blog resources

And when you are full of new ideas and projects, use free online editing tools to put them to life.

The Beat

The Beat is a sub-project of PremiumBeat, one of the biggest royalty-free music libraries. The platform is a part of the Shutterstock family, which also gives some idea of the overall quality.

A picky reader will find here all the types of step-by-step manuals, informational video production articles, different tips, and hints.

Motion Source

Another all-in-one online magazine on video producing and editing with various articles, tips, backstage and behind-the-scenes secrets, etc.

The project’s mission is not only to educate but also to inspire, that’s why you can find lots of motivating quotes here.

Learning Video

This source used to be a separate platform, but now it’s a YouTube channel hosted by Dave Dugdale with more than 17K subscribers. At the moment there are 8 playlists, from 4 to 8 items each, and lots of uncategorized recordings. The main purpose of the vlog is to teach viewers to handle different DSLR cams: Sony a7rii, Canon T5i, Canon 6D, etc. Each video lasts more than an hour and contains detailed information on all the model’s peculiarities.

You can also check out the main Dave’s channel, which has 189K subscribers and contains short recordings on various topics connected with video-producing.


This blog is less about technical details and more about video marketing and the people involved. That’s why you can find not only manuals or useful tips here, but also interviews, content ideas, trips descriptions, etc.

Video production for the web

Filmmakers Academy

Founded by Shane Hurlbut, this resource is not just a blog, it’s a real online academy with dozens of courses and hundreds of podcasts and video tutorials. It’s also a community, where an amateur or a professional filmmaker can find support, advice, and help.

Most of the features are available only for members, but the blog is free even for guests.

Big Eggs Films

Big Eggs Films is a little independent British film studio. In this blog, you’ll find not only useful information on video producing and editing but also a good dollop of British humor.

No Film School

Top-notch blog on video production with tips and secrets from the best of the best. You can quickly find the needed article by searching by topics, have a look at the most popular content, or use the keywords to get the information you’re looking for.

Beyond the Sight

This resource keeps its articles relatively short and well-illustrated. It’s an easy and useful read, a perfect fit for every beginner.

There are hundreds of blogs, and each of them is worth your attention, but the best strategy is to pick up a few you really like and follow them on a permanent basis.