How to create and edit a film online

However handy and convenient these video editing tools are, there are some drawbacks though: if you want to change your project in several ways, for example, slow it down and then combine it with an audio track, you’ll have to use two tools.

So, where there’s demand, there’s supply. Some time ago we created a new all-in-one video editor, and since then it has evolved a lot, and the process is still going on!

While “traditional” video editing software should be purchased and installed, our service works online and it’s free for files up to 500 MB each. An important note: you can use as many files in one project as you need, so the output size is not limited.

Here is an incomplete list of Clideo’s Video editor functions in demand. With its help you can:

  • Compress, crop, resize, or trim a video;
  • Change its color scheme;
  • Combine several visuals into one slideshow or recording;
  • Add a soundtrack (and edit it as well);
  • Create artistic and complicated projects, such as “side by side” or “picture in picture” videos;
  • Add captions and edit them;
  • Change the files’ aspect ratio;
  • Slow the video down or speed it up;
  • And perform many other editing actions.

We keep adding new functionalities to the tool, so don’t hesitate to hit all the buttons you see and check them out.

Let’s have a look at an example, a short manual on how to perform basic editing on your Windows or MAC or even phone.

  1. Upload a file you want to edit

    Open Clideo’s Windows Video Editor in any browser. Don’t worry, this tool works equally efficiently for every OS.

    Hit the “Get started” button to open the editor.

    Video editor to edit video on Windows

    Then you can import a video file from your device, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Just click the + icon at the top left of the navigation sidebar.

    Upload files to edit video on Windows online

    To start editing, you have to drag your media files from the Uploads section to the canvas or the timeline below it.

    Files to edit on Windows online
  2. Edit your file

    Switch between different tabs and check out the various options the tool offers, for example:

    Change canvas settings for your video project:

    Canvas in online video editor on Windows

    Select your video in the timeline and, for example, speed it up or slow it down:

    Edit video speed on Windows online

    Or select an image in the timeline and adjust its color settings:

    Adjust image in video edited on Windows

    Additionally, you can add and edit text or captions:

    Text in edited video on Windows
    Text settings in edited video on Windows

    Don’t be afraid to do something wrong; you can always undo the last action or even start over, as the number of projects is not limited even for a free account.

    When you like what you see, hit the “Export” button and choose the output quality. If you decide to upgrade your account to Clideo Pro, you’ll get a wider choice, and the project will not bear a Clideo watermark.

    Export edited video on Windows
  3. Save the project

    When the project is processed you can either save it or return to editing.

    Save edited video om Windows

    If you have Clideo pro, you’ll also be able to edit the same project in other tools right away, but we don’t think it’s necessary, as our all-in-one editor has all the needed functions.

And we have more information about all video editor options and features in our Help Center.