Why should I start a YouTube channel

Cheap cameras and microphones, mediocre editing and half-baked content eventually grew into what the YouTube audience is watching now. There has been a trend: the production of videos has reached the TV quality level.

Looking at this, you may wonder – is it worth creating a YouTube channel if there are already many authors with high-quality videos? The answer is, of course, it is! Sure, having your own channel has pros and cons, but if you’re considering starting it, let’s look at the benefits that will help you understand whether this is your cup of tea.

YouTube channel creator
  1. Creative self-expression

    Making videos on YouTube is a great opportunity for creative self-expression. And it doesn’t matter what exactly you are doing, filming a thoughtful show, leading a lifestyle blog, or doing translations. Creativity in any form saturates life with new colors. Thanks to the development of video blogging, we have received so many cool and unusual videos, and some authors even make their own films!

  2. Recognition

    Although it will not come immediately, even a small audience can inspire confidence and give an incentive to do what you love. This is an indescribable feeling when people are waiting for your videos, listening to your opinion, and ready to support you. For some, this is a good incentive not to abandon the channel.

  3. Source of income

    The recognition in itself is not enough, and the question of how much money does a YouTube video make is quite common. Popularity on the Internet will help you make money on advertising and partnership programs. The only thing to remember is that you will not have enough income for life right away, and first, you need to gain an audience.

    YouTube channel income
  4. Communication

    One of the main advantages of YouTube is the number of people it has on it. Keeping your blog gives you a lot of space to communicate with both your audience and colleagues. Dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people will be happy to chat with you. Moreover, thus, you can not only find friends, but also make new useful acquaintances that will help you outside of YouTube.

  5. Improved articulation

    It may seem strange, but regular blogging can improve your writing skills tremendously. In practice, you can often notice how the authors, who were rather constrained when creating a channel, became more relaxed over time, and their scripts and communication style in general became more interesting and erudite. Even if you don’t aim to be at the top of YouTube channels, this side effect will definitely come in handy outside of blogging.

  6. Discipline and responsibility

    Vlogging can be a great way to discipline yourself by regularly posting new videos to your channel. When a blogger knows that their subscribers are expecting to see new videos, they will try not to disappoint them. This feeling will help the blogger to get together and start working even if they feel somewhat lazy. Later it will become a habit and being productive will be much easier.

    Advantages of YouTube
  7. All-round development

    It doesn’t matter what your channel is about – media, games, hobbies, or everyday life. First of all, it involves the process of creating videos, and this, in turn, allows you to gain new skills. To create a video that looks good and interesting, a blogger learns video editing. For the topic to interest the audience, it’s necessary not only to find and systematize all the information on your own, but also to provide it in such a way that is not boring to listen or watch. Thus, the creation of even one video helps the author to gradually develop in different directions.

  8. Format availability

    If you want to convey some information to people, nowadays, videos win over long text articles. In addition, if you touch on sensitive topics, it is easier to use a video with sound to convey your attitude towards them and the correct intonations, which are not always noticeable through the text. This will help you find like-minded people and, at the same time, avoid unnecessary arguments about how exactly you feel about the topic.

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  9. As you can see, running your own vlog has many advantages, but it also requires your input. Interested in starting your channel? Even if you decide later that it’s not such a good idea, give it a shot and create your first video!