What is ASMR video

It is said that the ASMR content itself is not so important, as this type of recording influences the subcortex directly.

You can experience something like that physically being gently tickled or getting a light electric shock. But the miracle of ASMR audio response is that you feel it without any tactile sensations.

It is believed that ASMR content helps to:

  • Relax;
  • Calm down, get rid of anxiety and stress;
  • Feel happier and more balanced;
  • Fall asleep if you have insomnia.
Sleep video ASMR

ASMR videos for sleep

ASMR videos are not about the footage, video effects, and fancy video editing, they are all about audio. The trick is that ASMR youtubers don't speak like regular video hosts: loudly and distinctly. Quite the opposite: they whisper, mumble, munch, smack their lips, hum and produce other "soothing" sounds. They also speak very slowly, in an unemotional manner.

There are different types of ASMR videos, for example, it may be a "virtual" barbershop or other so-called 8D audio experiences. Here you have a full immersion in the atmosphere of some place where you are "present": a cafe, a barbershop, a beach, a bustling street, etc.

But in our case we deal with another ASMR type: educational videos which kill two birds with one stone: make you sleepy, and (hopefully) upload some useful information to your brain in a soft and non-traumatic way. Those who have already tried it witness that they managed to memorize even the most boring and complicated subjects, such as trigonometry or history with all its dates and battles.

Educational ASMR videos for sleep

Is ASMR for everybody?

No, it is not.

First of all, there are people who are just unresponsive to ASMR, they literally don't feel anything. Then, there are people diagnosed with misophonia, also known as selective sound sensitivity syndrome. These listeners instead of getting relaxed and calmed down may feel disgust, nausea, dizziness, and other unpleasant sensations.

If you've never watched ASMR videos before, don't rush. Start with "mild" ones, in which hosts just speak slowly and softly, but with little or no whispering, chewing, and other additional sounds. If they don't irritate or hurt you, try "harder" ASMR, with a full pack of audio effects.

Here are some channels to start with and their possible level of impact.

Most popular ASMR YouTube channels

The French Whisperer

This channel has over 320K subscribers, and here you can find educational videos on medieval history, mythology, literature, art, architecture, and science. The videos are several hours long, and the host has a deep soothing voice and speaks with a charming French accent. But for the hushed voice and slow storytelling, this channel doesn't have other ASMR features, such as chewing, smacking, etc, so it is a great choice for beginners.

Let’s Find Out

This channel has a lot in common with the previous one, but for the French accent and the topics: this host is more focused on astronomy, physics, and other scientific fields. There are also videos on philosophy, history, and ancient myths, though, and 271K subscribers prove the high quality of the channel.

ASMR Chess

As the very title implies, the channel is about chess. The videos are much shorter, and while the host may rustle the paper or tap the fingers, he does not produce any "extra" sounds, which might be too much for some people.

The videos themselves are much shorter, so there is a chance to really get to know something about chess before falling asleep.

Chess ASMR channel

Sounds Curious

Another highly "humanitarian" channel, focused on art, book reviews, architecture, history, well-being, etc. The hostess has a soft voice with a British accent, and her videos rarely exceed 30-40 minutes.

Quantum ASMR

That's a "hardcore" ASMR with a full pack of extra sounds. The hostess not only explains maths and science but also provides "ear massage", gives makeup tutorials, and reads books.

That's enough for getting acquainted with the topic of ASMR educational videos! And if you prefer a more traditional way of learning, check out our article on regular educational videos.