How to get more views on Instagram

Influencers are not just lucky and charismatic people who are doing nothing but fooling around, recording videos, and enjoying a lazy life full of expensive brands, adventures, and unforgettable impressions. Every successful account rests on "blood, sweat, and tears" — hours of creating content, video shooting and editing, interacting with the followers in comments and direct.

And even that may not be enough, as the Internet is full of talented influencers, and there are even more to come. To get noticed, you must build Instagram followers and ensure your posts are shown on the Explore page. Here are several ways to do that.

  1. Post at the right time

    Every social medium has its best posing time when the audience response reaches its peak. For Instagram, it's every working day's morning or early evening. Posting on the weekend usually is not very efficient.

    It's not so black and white, though. Statistics give us some overall picture, but you should also consider your followers' places of residence (time zones), age, social status, and other factors. Try different schemes and find when your Instagram views are at their maximum.

    Best time to post on Instagram
  2. Find your posting rate

    One post a week will make no difference and by no means will help you get noticed. On the other hand, shelling your followers with dozens of samey videos a day may effectively repulse them.

    Find your happy medium and put quality before quantity.

  3. Engage your followers

    Make your posts interactive. Ask questions, call to action (follow the link, share some experience, etc.), throw contests, ask your followers to tag their friends, and so on. Be open to any communication, always stay positive and friendly, and communicate with your followers in the comments.

  4. Use Instagram tools

    Business Profile owners have access to different tools where they can check their view counter and other useful metrics: their audience's age, gender, countries, etc.

    Analyzing these statistics is the first step to understanding your followers' needs and interests and adjusting your account to them.

    Don't hesitate to advertise your most successful posts. You don't have to read lengthy manuals on how to boost an IG post, as you can do it in one click by hitting the "Promote" button under the selected entry. The tricky thing is what to choose: your post should be interesting, useful, and entertaining enough to attract new followers.

  5. Try different post types

    How to get more views on Instagram? Alternate photos with videos, as every post type has its fans. Don't forget about reels, carousels, stories, and going live. Make sure your visuals are no longer than 30-60 seconds, though, as an average IG user has a short attention span.

    Instagram views
  6. Use hashtags

    Be aware that hashtags may have high, medium, or low competition, depending on how many posts have used them so far. To get the best result, mix them. High-competition hashtags are more likely to bring you new followers, on the other hand, there are hundreds of thousands posts with them, and yours may be easily lost. "Niche" hashtags are less popular, but your video will be more easily noticed.

  7. Collaborate with influencers

    Ask your more successful colleagues to help you out: mention your channel in their video, post a link to it, let you host a guest entry, etc. When you already have your audience, you may do the same for the newbies.

    Of course, it's not an exhaustive list of hints, so if you come up with a fresh idea, don't hesitate to go for it!