2 Ways to change video aspect ratio online

Some of the most popular video dimensions are the following:

  • 9:16 (Portrait);
  • 1:1 (Square);
  • 16:9 (Landscape).

There are also others, and some tools allow setting custom aspect ratios with any dimensions the user wants. The problem is this recording may be not compatible with the chosen media specs, so you'll need to change video proportions.

Clideo service has two tools that come in just handy. The first one is an all-in-one video editor, so when you are done with the video's size, you may also crop it, combine it with other visual files, add an audio track, change the color scheme, rotate, slow down, etc.

The second tool is an aspect ratio converter, which may have a more user-friendly interface but also offers fewer editing options.

Here is a short manual on how to use them.

  1. Upload a file to the tool

    Depending on what tool you prefer to use, you can start with one of the following steps:

    • Either go to the Clideo’s Video Editor, and hit the "Get started" button. When transferred to the editor's main screen, click the "Upload" button and select the file from your device's folder, Google Photos, Google Drive, or Dropbox.
    • Video editor to change aspect ratio
    • Alternatively, open an Aspect Ratio Converter in any browser, hit the "Choose file" button to select a file from your device, or call a drop-down menu to import a video from cloud storage accounts.
    • Video resizer to change aspect ratio
  2. Change size of the video

    And you can start changing the aspect ratio.

    • In the Video Editor, drag the file to the timeline. Then go to the "Canvas" tab and choose the aspect ratio you need.

      Change aspect ratio in video editor

      Adjust the video settings and position as needed.

      Adjust video proportions in video editor

      When you're done, hit the "Export" button in the top right bottom of the screen and choose the output resolution.

    • In the Converter, select the preferred social media in the drop-down menu to the right of the player and select the post type.

      Add file to video resizer to change aspect ratio

      The smart tool will automatically set Twitter, YouTube, or other platform's video dimensions. You can also set a custom aspect ratio. The "Crop options" section helps you position the video as you need.

      Change aspect ratio in video resizer

      This tool also allows you to change the output format at the bottom of the screen. Then hit the "Export" button and let the tool do its job.

    Whichever tool you use, bear in mind that Clideo Pro subscription lets you get rid of a Clideo watermark.

  3. Save the project

    If you've noticed some imperfections in your project, hit the "Edit" button and fix them. Otherwise, save the video to your device, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

    Save video with new video proportions