How to make a cute Happy Women’s Day GIF

In most cases, these are funny GIFs, but nothing prevents them from being used in other circumstances, for example, to congratulate your friends on any holidays. Whether it’s Christmas, birthday, or International Women’s day, you can find GIFs for every taste – or make them yourself from videos on a suitable topic.

Do you already have an idea and are looking for a program that works as a GIF maker from videos? Our tool will help you with this! But before using it, you might need to trim video if you only need a certain part and add a caption to it.

Once your clip is ready to be made into a GIF, the rest is done relatively quickly:

  1. Upload a video

    Open Clideo's Video Looper and click "Choose file" to add your recording from any device you are using right now. Alternatively, you can upload it from Google Photos, your Google Drive or Dropbox account.

    GIF maker from video
  2. Make a GIF

    When the video is uploaded, click the Infinity symbol on the grid to make it into a GIF. Then, click "Export" and wait till the processing is done.

    Make GIF from video
  3. Download the result

    Once the GIF is processed, you can see how it looks. If everything is good, click "Download" to save it back to your device or cloud storage.

    Save GIF made from video

    Keep in mind that GIFs do not have sound and their color range is limited to up to 256 colors only. So if you need high-quality looped video on your website, for example, consider using the HTML5 video player loop option.

We are regularly improving our tools to add new features or enhance your experience. Check our Help Center for the most recent instructions.