How to do music reaction videos online

Their popularity is not surprising, as video reactions often show the first strong emotional reaction to something, sometimes including some first thoughts or analysis at the end of the video. And with music reaction videos, it becomes even more interesting due to their diversity in genres.

Do you want to try yourself and wonder how to film reaction videos? It's actually quite simple; record your sincere reaction against a simple background that would not distract the audience. Apart from that, we advise you to take an interest in the legal side of it – some songs cannot be played fully without pauses, otherwise, there may be copyright issues.

The rest is up to editing, which our tool will help you with! With it, you can quickly compose a video reaction, and you only need an Internet connection.

The process is pretty simple, just look at the steps below:

  1. Add files

    Open Clideo’s Online Video Editor and click "Get started".

    Editor to make reaction videos

    Click the "+" icon or the "Upload" button to add media files from your device or cloud storage.

    Upload files to make a reaction video
  2. Create a video reaction

    Drag all files from "Uploads" to the preview area or timeline to start working with them.

    Files to make a reaction video

    Depending on which platform you want to upload your video to, you can change the aspect ratio in the "Canvas" tab by applying the right preset.

    Change aspect ratio for reaction video

    Then, combine your reaction with the music video either using a side-by-side or picture-in-picture method. In the first case, select the file and, depending on the aspect ratio, place it on top or on the side. Then select another file and place it next to it. Resize the clips in the preview pane if necessary.

    Make side-by-side-reaction video

    To put one video on top of another one, manually change the position and size of both after selecting them in the preview area. If you're reacting to a music video or performance that you want the viewers to see too, you can make your reaction video smaller, so it doesn't obstruct the view or vice versa — make yourself the main hero.

    Make picture-in-picture reaction video

    If you need to change any video settings, select the music video on the timeline or in the preview area and adjust the available options.

    Adjust reaction video settings

    When you finish editing, click "Export" and choose your preferred export option.

    Export reaction video
  3. Get the video

    Watch the preview to see how the result looks. To add some changes, click "Edit", and if all is good, click "Download" to save the video to your device or upload it to the cloud storage.

    Save reaction video

    You can also create a Clideo account, in which case all your projects are saved in your profile. It is completely free, and in case you think of some additional edits, you can make changes to your videos even after you've downloaded them.

If you would like to learn more about our all-in-one video editor options and features, you can find more information in our Help Center.