Video crop app for Instagram and other social media

Its main advantage – the app works in an offline mode, you don’t need the Internet to edit your video, only to share it. It’s free and, in distinction from the majority of free apps, you don’t even have to bear with endless ads, as there aren’t any.

Our app is designed only for iPhones and other iOS devices. But don’t worry! If you have an Android smartphone or prefer Mac or Windows, you can always make avail of its online version.

Keep on reading and learn how to use the crop video app in 4 simple steps.

  1. Download the app and start a project

    Open App Store in any browser and download the Crop App by Clideo. Open it to find the “My projects” screen, tap the Plus sign on the top left and upload a recording from your camera roll.

    Add video to Clideo's Crop App
  2. Choose a size preset if needed

    Clideo’s app for cropping video size allows also resizing it and choosing an aspect ratio.

    If you have already decided where you are going to post your recording, hit the social media icon below the player and select the post type.

    Pick social media preset in Crop Video App

    If you haven’t made your mind yet, but you know what video orientation you need, choose the “Custom” option and select the pattern you want: 1:1 for Square, 16:9 for Landscape, 9:16 for Portrait, etc.

    Select Custom option in Crop App

    Here you are invited to set a height or a width manually and the second parameter will be set accordingly to the chosen pattern.

    Input custom resolution in Crop App

    If you want to put both dimensions manually without following any specific aspect ratio, tap the chain sign between the boxes to make it “inactive” and set the values you need.

    Insert dimensions in Crop Video App
  3. Crop the video

    Tap the “Crop options” button at the bottom, and hit “Fit” to expand the video with no crop.

    Resize video in Clideo's Crop App

    If you want the recording to fill the frame completely, just hit the “Fill” button.

    Crop video in Clideo's Crop App

    If there are borders, choose their colour or blur them.

    Select border color in Crop App
  4. Save and share the visual

    When you are ready hit “Done” and save the cropped video to your personal device, you’ll then be able to post it on Instagram or share via different messengers directly from the app. It will be also automatically saved to your Projects.

    Download video from Crop App

We are regularly improving our tools to add new features or enhance your experience. Check our Help Center for the most recent instructions.