Compress a video on Android for email or another purpose

Email attachments have a size limit of just 25 MB, sometimes even less. So if you want to share your freshly shot recording with others, you have to upload it to the cloud and send your recipient a link for downloading.

Luckily, there is another, easier way. Just compress your clip and send it via email or any messenger you like!

All Clideo tools offer free processing for files up to 500 MB each, without any freemium modes or functionality limits. The only thing you are to bear with is a tiny discreet watermark as a sign of gratitude to our service. But no worries! You can get rid of it in no time if you subscribe to pro.

Our service is compatible with all the operating systems and allows you to compress a video for email on Android, iOS or any other operating systems.

All our tools are user-friendly and apt for inexperienced users, but our compressor is the easiest of them all.

Judge for yourself.

  1. Upload a video to compress

    Open Clideo’s Video Compressor in a browser, as our tool works online and you don’t have to install any app. Hit the “Choose file” button in the centre of the screen and import a recording from your camera roll.

    Upload Android video to compress for email

    You may also call the drop-down menu to upload files from cloud storage accounts.

  2. Let the tool do its job

    As soon as you pick up a file, it will be processed automatically. As it may take up to a couple of minutes, have a nice cup of tea in the meanwhile.

    Compress video for email on Android
  3. Download the result

    At the final screen you can see the compression rate and the output size. Now just save it to your personal device, Google Drive or Dropbox.

    Download Android video compressed for email

    Please, pay attention: the compression rate is not random, our tool finds the best quality to size rate and for the same file it will always be the same, no matter how many times you try.

We are regularly improving our tools to add new features or enhance your experience. Check our Help Center for the most recent instructions.