Download videos from Reddit in three steps

If there’s one thing the social news aggregation site Reddit is known for, it’s the array of amazing user-generated content. From funny memes to viral YouTube videos, Reddit has it all.

However, most of these clips are embedded and so you have to be online to play them. So what if there’s a clip you want to save on your device, either for playing offline or for sending to your friends on Whatsapp?

Luckily there’s a work-around that allows you to download a Reddit video. And best of all, it doesn’t require downloading any pricey software or dodgy apps. It works online, from any browser and across most platforms, whether that’s Windows, Mac, iPhone, or Android.

Read our steps below to find out how to download a YouTube or any other video from Reddit, quickly and easily.

  1. Add a Reddit link

    To get started, open Reddit, find the necessary video and copy its URL by clicking on “Share” below the video and then on “Copy link”.

    Copy a video link on Reddit to download

    After that, head to Clideo’s Video Downloader for Reddit. On the welcome page, you’ll find a big blue ‘Choose file’ button. Tap the arrow on the right-hand side and a drop-down box will appear. Now, add the copied link to the ‘Paste a URL’ field, it will automatically begin uploading from the source.

    Paste copied Reddit video link

    It’s worth noting here that the tool allows you to upload videos up to 500 MB in size, free of charge.

  2. Cut the Reddit video if needed

    Once your video has been added, you’ll be taken to the editor where you can have a play around with it. To download the whole video, manually move the sliders on the preview reel at the bottom to the beginning and end of the video.

    Select the whole Reddit video

    To make the clip shorter, simply adjust the sliders, choosing the needed part. Then, select to extract or delete the part.

    Trim Reddit video to download

    Finally, select an output format for your file. If you’re editing the video from your iPhone or Android, please note that the MP4 format is best.

    Change format for Reddit video download

    Tap the play button to see a preview of the newly-trimmed video and if you’re happy with the result, hit the ‘Cut’ button. Your video will begin processing.

  3. Save the Reddit video

    Once that’s all done, you’ll be presented with the new clip alongside the option to download it to your device.

    Download Reddit video

    You can also back it up in your Google Drive or Dropbox accounts if you prefer. Just tap the arrow on the right next to the ‘Download’ button.