Mirror or flip any video for YouTube in three clicks

Mirroring is an interesting effect. Not very often used, though, it still may come in handy if you want to alter your recording a little, create an original visual or recreate an initial orientation, changed while shooting.

You may also need to make a video for YouTube mirror or flip in order to fulfil some artistic conception. Anyway, we are not here to ask you about your reasons – we are here to give you the right tool.

Let’s define the terms first. We “mirror” a video if we reflect it about a vertical axis, and we “flip” it by reflecting horizontally.

Whatever you want, Clideo service will help you to solve this task. All our tools are free for files up to 500 MB, and you can process as many projects per a day as you want.

Our service works online, in a browser, which means that you can use it from any device wherever you need. Just make sure your internet connection is fast and stable.

Read on and get to know how to mirror or flip a YouTube video.

  1. Upload your clip

    Open Clideo’s Video Mirrorer and click the blue "Choose file" button. The video will get uploaded automatically.

    Upload YouTube video to mirror

    You can also import a video file from Google Drive or Dropbox if you hover over a small arrow to the right of the button.

  2. Flip the video in any direction you need

    You are one click away from mirroring your shooting vertically or horizontally or even both at the same time! Just choose the orientation you need and hit the corresponding button.

    Flip and mirror YouTube video

    Select an output format. Remember, MP4 and MOV are the most widely spread extensions, accepted by most social media.

    Change format of mirrored YouTube video

    When you are fully ready, click on “Export” and get ready to revise the result.

  3. Download the flipped video

    Give the video a final run and check whether everything is fine. If so, save it to your personal device or cloud storage account.

    Download mirrored YouTube video

    We place a tiny watermark on your ready project as a sign of gratitude to our service, but you can easily get rid of it by subscribing to Clideo Pro.

We are regularly improving our tools to add new features or enhance your experience. Check our Help Center for the most recent instructions.