How to copy a GIF from Twitter

What if you’ve come across a brilliant GIF, but can’t show it to your friends as the post is not available for them? Clideo will help you get a GIF from Twitter or other social medium and save it to your personal device.

Our tool is so user-friendly that you don’t even need any editing experience to handle it. It works online which is why you can use it on iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows, or other devices.

Keep on reading and get to know how to save a GIF from Twitter in three simple steps.

  1. Import a GIF

    Open Twitter and copy the direct link to the GIF you want to download.

    Open Twitter and copy a GIF's link

    Open the Clideo’s Twitter GIF Saver in any browser. Hit the small arrow on the right side of the blue pane to call a drop-down menu. Paste the copied link to the field with a chain sign.

    Paste the link to Twitter GIF

    You can also turn a video into a GIF. To do that, hit the pane itself and upload a video from your camera roll or a computer folder. Or import it from Google Drive or Dropbox in the above-mentioned menu.

  2. Extract the GIF from Twitter

    The uploaded file will appear in the player. To download it as a GIF, click the infinity sign.

    Select the infinite sign to save Twitter GIF

    Our Twitter GIF Downloader also allows you to convert a GIF into a video. For that, select a number of repetitions and a new output format among different popular and rare ones, including AVI, MP4, FLV, MOV, and others.

    Convert Twitter GIF to video

    When you are done, click “Loop”.

  3. Save the GIF

    Check if the result looks impeccable. If so, save it to your personal device or cloud storage. If any corrections are needed, click “Back to edit” and keep working.

    Save the Twitter GIF to your device