How to reduce video file size online

Uploading videos is time consuming enough. After creating amazing content and filtering it to perfection, your next step is sharing it.

Large files are unwieldy for emailing. They take forever to upload, assuming you can even not complete an upload as many email servers have strict file size limits. How? The biggest time suck from an end user standpoint (the person viewing the video) is waiting for the file to buffer. Who wants to wait for that? No one does.

Many people sending these videos though, may think buffering wait times for these large video files is preferable to the alternative. As the time they assume it will take to sort out ways to compress video feels like an additional burden to take on.

Because as much as we hate buffering lag times, we hate wasting time mastering questionable tools even more. Fortunately, learning how to compress a video file won’t take you much time at all actually! In fact, we can get you there in three simple steps with Online Video Compressor by Clideo.

  1. Upload a file

    Open a video you want to compress

    You can upload a video from any of your devices or the one that lives on your Google Drive or your Dropbox account. You need to connect to Clideo to do this, but we only have access to whatever you open – never your entire Cloud storage. Or you can pop in a link from wherever the video exists on the web, for example, YouTube.

  2. Wait a moment

    Wait a minute while the app is compressing the video

    It really only takes a moment or two for the video to upload, we’ll do everything to compress your file as much as possible and at the same time keep the quality.

  3. Download compressed video

    Watch and download the compressed video

    Watch your video before downloading to make sure you like the result. It is not only possible to save it to your phone or computer, but also back to Dropbox or Google Drive account.