When might you need different video sizes?

If you’re the type of person who switches back and forth between shooting horizontal, vertical, or even square video on your phone, you probably know that certain social networks or printing needs don’t always fit with what was originally shot. Being able to crop video in the same way you can crop photos, can turn a portrait-mode video into something best suited to watch on an HDTV or a horizontal video into something better suited for Instagram Stories, for instance.

Having the freedom to switch video aspect ratio lets you worry less when you shoot clip about whether you are capturing footage in the right format. You’ll have the ability to edit to the right ratio after the fact.

How to use the Video Cropper tool by Clideo

With this tool, you can get the video size you want to suit your needs from any device without needing to use an editing program or special app to crop the video into the right format.

Free Video Cropper by Clideo allows you to take video from an iPhone or other iOS device, an Android phone, a PC, or Mac, and crop it online, then export it as the file format you want. This can be useful for making images or video conform to the dimensions of a presentation or to capture the look you want for social media. It can be done in three simple steps that won’t take much time at all.

  1. Selecting your video

    Open a video you want to crop from any device

    Now you’ll learn how to crop video online. The first thing you’ll want to do is select the file. Online Video Cropper by Clideo allows you to upload video from your mobile device or computer, or you can select a file from Dropbox or Google Drive accounts. If you’re working on a computer, you can simply drag and drop the file onto the page. In addition, you can paste in a URL where the video file is located if it is available online.

    Add a video for cropping from Dropbox or Google Drive

    Once the video is selected, a progress bar will appear showing you the progress of the file upload. Be patient, it could take a few minutes if you’ve selected a very large video file or don’t have fast upload speeds on your internet connection.

  2. Wait until the file is uploaded to the video cropper

  3. Cropping the video

    Now comes the fun part! Once the video is uploaded, you’ll see an image of it in the preview window along with options to play the video. A blue box frame allows you to manually set the dimensions to which you’d like to crop the video. To the right of the video preview, there are also options to use pre-set dimensions, including 1:1 (square-shaped), 16:9 (letterbox), 5:4 (fullscreen) or 9:16 (vertical style). Select any one of those if you like and move the blue box to choose what part of the video you’d like to include.

    Select an area to crop the video

    The app also allows you to choose a file format. Formats you can export the file into include popular video codecs such as MP4 (recommended for mobile), MOV, AVI, etc. Some social networks only accept video downloads in certain formats, so you may need to experiment with which one to use.

    Select format to convert your cropped video

    When you are done selecting these options and choosing the area to crop, select the “CROP” button.

  4. Preview and download your cropped video

    Processing the video may take a few minutes depending on the size of the file. You can press the play button to see a preview of the cropped video file and go back to editing if it needs tweaking.

    Save the cropped file to your device

    You can download the file directly to your device. Alternately, you can add the file to your Dropbox or Google Drive account.

  5. Save the file to Google Drive or Dropbox