Convert audio track to a video file online

Not everybody likes audio podcasts, some people perceive information better — and enjoy music more — if they can also watch some visuals. Luckily, there is a fast and easy way to turn music into videoin a few clicks.

Before following the manual, make sure that your Internet connection is stable as any interruption will make you start your project over. Don’t worry! The whole process will take just a couple of minutes, so even Wi-Fi will come in handy.

Select a photo, a GIF, a picture, or a video that you will use as a base for your future clip. Clideo allows uploading files up to 500 MB for free, but if it’s not enough, consider upgrading your account to Clideo Pro.

Now you are ready to convert an audio track to a video file in three simple steps:

  1. Upload a visual background

    Open Clideo’s Video Maker in any browser. As was mentioned, you have to select a photo, a GIF, or a video as a background for your future clip. To pick up a file from your personal device, hit the blue button "Choose files". To import the needed content from Google Drive or Dropbox, call the drop-down menu on this button and choose the corresponding option.

    Upload file to turn music into video
  2. Turn audio into video

    If you want to turn your soundtrack into an artistic recording, you can add more visual files — just drag and drop them to the timeline below the player. You can also use the "Add more files" option in the top right corner of the screen.

    Now, with a picture or a video added to your future clip, find the "Add audio" button to the right of the player and hit it. As well as at the previous step, you can select a file from your smartphone, PC, or cloud storage accounts.

    Add audio file to make video

    If you want to trim your track, click on the Scissors symbol and move the yellow handles to select a snippet you need. Another option – just set the timestamps in the corresponding boxes. To adjust the audio’s volume, hit the tiny Bars symbol to the right of the trim pane.

    If you have only one image, set its duration "As audio". If there are more files, set the static pictures’ duration in seconds as you need. In case your footage is longer than the audio, click the Infinity symbol in the "Audio options" section to repeat the audio track until the end of the video.

    Change music settings in video

    The last point — decide on the crop option and choose an aspect ratio. We have already prepared 4 of the most popular presets: for YouTube, Instagram (in-feed and Stories), and Facebook.

    Now you only have to select an output format and hit the "Export" button. The processing may take up to several minutes – the exact speed depends on your connection type.

  3. Download the clip

    Give your clip the final run to check if you like what you got. If so, save the project to your device, Google Drive, or Dropbox. If there are some imperfections, hit the "Edit" button and improve your clip.

    Download music turned to video