Why would you need to cut audio?

Sometimes the full song is just too long. Picture it: an amazing new song is playing on the radio or you hear it in passing while scrolling around online. You suddenly realize that you just have to have a part of it as your ringtone for that one person or client who requires special attention.

Or beyond creating a funny, helpful or just plain cool new ringtone, you have a legitimate business purpose to attend to – one that requires you to know how to trim an audio file.

Perhaps you have a big presentation to pitch to a client, and you want to include portions of Queen’s “We Are The Champions” song sprinkled throughout. But you don’t have time to re-record snippets to embed, partly because they’ll sound awful. You also don’t have access to an inhouse tech person to do this professionally for you, and contracting an outside vendor to help is out of the question as well as budget is an issue.

So it’s up to you get to get it done. But who has time to learn how to use some complicated software? And how do you cut a song anyway? You don’t own rights to this bit of music after all – and you’re certainly not willing to pay to download a fraction of it. That would be wasteful. Silly. Not happening.

Cropping music is super easy and fast in Clideo. Let’s check it out!

How to cut your music online

There are three easy steps to take you from that confused starting point to an awesome audio finish, with a perfectly cropped song to show for your effort. You just need to know how to upload a file, how to cut it and how to download it. And each is detailed in turn below!

  1. How to upload a file

    Upload a song you want to cut

    Whether you’re on a desktop (Windows or Mac) or a phone (iOS or Android) is irrelevant at this point in our process. You can upload a video or audio file to trim music via one of four options: select from the device, Google Drive, Dropbox or by pasting in a link to something that lives online right now:

    Select an audio from Google Drive or Dropbox account

    You select your file or past in the URL and voila – it’s already on it. Your editing journey has begun.

  2. How to cut audio in Clideo

    Once your file is uploaded, it’s time to get down to business and crop that audio! Here you can very easily toggle times to start and end as you wish, by hovering over each “start” and “end” indicator and moving those dividers around. Or, you can type in the period you want. Either method gets your selection to where it needs to be.

    Trim your audio by moving the markers

    Next you need to decide if you’d like the music to fade in or fade out – why not both? It’s a nice dramatic touch either way, so you’ll want to spend a minute or two trying each out. You may find that you want to adjust the trim you selected to allow an extra second or two to account for the fade capabilities you select.

    You can also convert the audio to whichever format works best for you. Although MP3 is the most popular choice for obvious ringtone reasons, there are many other formats to consider as well.

    Change the format of your cut song

    Select “cut” and your audio file is in the processing home stretch!

  3. How to download the file

    After that you’re not tied to the audio you’ve selected. You can listen to it and see how that “fade” feels for your purposes and then go “back to edit” some more if you’re not happy with it.

    You may even realize you want to capture a different selection entirely instead. Go do that!

    When you’re happy with how it sounds, you’re ready to download.

    Download the cut audio to your device

Best of all, you don’t need to download special software to make this work, which is great as those downloads can be monstrous and really slow down your digital life. And you also don’t have to learn some complicated program, shaving hours off your already over-scheduled existence.

Try out Clideo’s music cutter on today’s top tracks and have the coolest phone (or professional presentation) on the block.